8 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas for New Moms

8 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas for New Moms

The first question that crossed your mind when you learned you were expecting was probably related to the baby’s gender. There are multiple ways of guessing genders, including by measuring the baby’s heart rate. Here is a list of creative gender reveal ideas that will be a hit at your big event.

1. Smoke Grenades

Pull the tab and watch vibrant colors flow. Activating them is the fun part. You can point it at the sky, give one to each guest, or choose a tire burnout kit for an over-the-top surprise. Check to ensure that the one you order is non-toxic and washes away with water.

2. Spray Bottles

Arm your visitors with watercolor-filled spray bottles. The bottles should mask the water’s color inside—blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Once the countdown is over, your guests can spray anything: a canvas, T-shirts, each other, etc.

3. Powder Filled Balls

This one is for the dads. For this activity, fill footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs with colored chalk. Dad can kick them or dunk them to reveal the baby’s gender. It seems simple, but their reaction makes it a favorite reveal to watch.

4. Water Balloons

Like the spray bottle idea, this one will add fun to your celebration. Who doesn’t love a fun water balloon fight? Pre-fill the balloons with colored water and let the good times roll. Tip: Have everyone throw on a white shirt before you begin.

5. Fireworks

Fireworks are best if people use them for evening gender reveals. They require a little planning. To be sure your reveal is safe, you may need to hire a professional to light up your big surprise. Stand back and enjoy your pink or blue light show.

6. Piñata

This one is great for families with a little one. Fill the piñata with color-coded candy and confetti, give your little one a stick and let them go to work! No blindfold required.

7. Christmas Lights

If you are expecting during the holiday season, you can use your tree to reveal the gender of your baby. String up the lights, and when you are ready to tell your guests, you and your partner plug them in. Or you could have both blue and pink glow on the tree and unplug one to reveal the gender.

8. Throwing Paint
For the fun-loving couple who doesn’t mind getting messy, blindfold each other and then have a helper hand you each a cup full of washable paint. On the count of three, you throw the color at your partner. Take off your blindfolds and celebrate your new son or daughter.

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