Travel is not an expense but an experience. While it comes with a lot of emotional and mental benefits, there is a lot of headaches that come before you start your journey. There is the hassle of planning your trip, and of course loads of stuff to pack.

Pack smartly

If you pack the right attire, you will have a stress-free time and explore the new places while staying comfortable and confident. On the other hand, if you don't pack the right stuff, you will end up paying needless amount of money and exceeding your budget on things you should have brought along.

If you pack a lot of stuff like matching hijabs for every dress and your favorite shoes, you will end up with a lot of luggage that you will need to carry and care for. So, think beforehand about the items that you are definitely going to need, and the ones you can easily skip.

Here are 8 hijabi outfit ideas that you can pack for any trip:


  1. Plain outfit with plain hijab

If you want a carefree traveling experience, then try plain outfit with a plain pinless hijab. You might think it is utterly boring, but there are so many ways you can look elegant and stunning in this combination. A plain outfit will look great with any hijab style, and you will not be bound in your choices. If you pack a pinless hijab, it will be a lifesaver.

2. Plain outfit with printed hijab

If you want to bring a touch of freshness to your everyday outfit, you can pair it with a printed pinless hijab. This combo will make you look stunning. Especially if you are going to stay for a number of days, you don't need to pack a lot of dresses. You can change your look by simply changing the hijab pairing. Pinless hijabs are also available in printed variety from Bokitta.

  1. Jumpsuit with hijab

The main concern for hijabis is to pack outfits that will cover their whole body. If you pack a pair of shirt with trousers then 2,3 outfits will occupy more than half of your bag. To economize on space and weight, jumpsuits are the best ideas. Pinless hijabs with jumpsuits provide best coverage and ultimate comfort.

  1. Leisure sports outfits
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Regardless of the purpose of your travel, it is always advisable to try a few outdoor activities to make your travel trip memorable. Even if you are not going to try sports as a socializing tool, you can hike or bike around to explore the new place. Pack a simple outdoor sporty outfit with a Zain jersey hijab for such experiences that you wouldn't worry about making dirty or messy. As a hijabi, take along something that aligns with your dress code.

  1. Well-fitting shoes

Always carry a comfortable pair of shoes for a trip because you don't want to proceed with swollen toes or hurting heels. You can try wedges or platform heels according to the occasion and destination. If you pay a lot of attention to how you look but fail to pair the look with the perfect shoes, you will ruin your impression.

  1. Jeans are your best friend

Whether you are strolling along the beach or exploring the local shopping malls during your travel trip, jeans can be your best friend anywhere and everywhere. Jeans with a Voila maxi hijab are the right choice. Remember a pair or two of your favorite and comfortable jeans on every trip.

  1. Attire for praying

Depending on where you are going, you will pack your dresses accordingly. Whether you are headed to a Muslim country or a non-Muslim one, you are going to pray your obligatory 5 daily prayers. Pack a special attire for prayers or carry an abaya that you can wear on the top of your dress for prayers. With a pinless hijab, you don't need to fix it on your head when you bow down.

  1. Maxi or long frock

Some days you might not feel like wearing a formal dress, or maybe the weather is too hot for wearing jeans all day. Carry a breezy Maxy or a light and easy long frock that you can wear carefree while you are on the way. Pinless hijabs are purely painless.

What you should and shouldn't pack depends mainly on the purpose of your trip and where you are headed to. Research your destination for the weather that you are going to encounter and other amenities that may or may not be there. Planning and researching will enable you to pack smartly.

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