8 Ideas for Beach Wedding Attire for Men 2020

Aah, how lovely a beach wedding is, where every picture clicked shows the serenity and the scenic charm of the place. The trend is on the rise where the couples are looking forward to having a beach wedding that cuts the traditionalism and makes it more modern and unique.  Often, when it comes to beach wedding attire for men, things do get a little tricky. Though women look fascinatingly stunning in flowy flower dresses and gowns, for men choosing attire is a whole new scenario.

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We are here to solve your problem! Look at the list of 8 Ideas for Beach Wedding Attire for Men 2020 that will highlight your personality just right!

  1. It's all about the casual look! Shirts, pants & more: 

You can’t go formal wearing tight shirts and pants of fabrics that are not breathable. Yes, those tight shirts look perfect on the body, accentuating your assets, but it is not logical to wear those at a beach wedding. Half the time, you will be sweating, and we all know how that looks! It won’t be impressive for the ladies, think about that! 

Switch to casual looks that include the clothes being roomy and not body fitting. Choosing the right clothes that are airy is essential for a beach setting, and you will have a far more relaxing time at the wedding than wearing a tight formal suit. 

Though to dress formally for the groomsmen is necessary, there are ways to look formal in casual attires too. Sleeveless jackets or lightweight coats with round-neck shirts and linen pants will look perfect. The trick is in the color selection! Choose the right colors, and the outfit will look stunning on you.

  1. Sleeveless Jackets:

Sleeveless jackets leave a lot of room for experimentation. They go best with both pants and shorts. If the theme of the wedding asks its guests to come in shorts, sleeveless jackets for the groomsmen will gel perfectly.

The trend for sleeveless jackets never gets old! Men’s linen pants go perfectly with it and help in adding details to the whole ensemble helping in accentuating the body shape. Navy blue jackets with white shirts are an all-time favorite choice, but we ask you to go different. How about frosty blue jackets and grey-colored shirts?

  1. Choosing Blazers & its Styles:

Keep it, simple guys! You don’t need to go in detail with styles of a coat for a beach wedding. Though if you do prefer to highlight the ensemble, embroidered blazers can add that oomph factor.


Near the neckline, a swirly-looking embroidery can add that extra factor of stylishness that the attire may be lacking. But, as we say, simple is the best!

  1. Buttons on shirt?

The question that often puzzles one, is whether to go for a buttoned shirt or choose a round neck comfy look. To put it straight, it does not matter. It’s up to your comfort level. Though a buttoned shirt adds that formal look and is a number one choice for the groomsmen, it depends on how you would like to go.

If you are someone who has never liked buttoned shirts, then quit it. There won’t be much of a difference, and you will still look ravishing at the wedding. Just make sure to accessories it cleverly so that it gels with the wedding theme.

  1. How about wearing shorts?

It’s a beach, and how can it be that there is a wedding on the beach and no play? Sand can always go inside the pants, but not inside the shorts. We see a lot of weddings where the theme is to come in shorts, and honestly, the pictures come out to be terrific. A wedding is a time when people come together to witness the holy matrimony of their loved ones and rejoice in their happiness. 

What makes a beach wedding so unique is that people dress casually, which gives a more homely feel making everyone feel comfortable. Wearing shorts can add up to be one of the trending beach wedding attire for men in 2020.

  1. Prefer Pants? Go for Linen!

Well, we all have a preference, and not everyone likes to go to a wedding wearing shorts. Wearing pants to a beach wedding is not a problem so far as you choose the fabric correctly. It won't make sense if you wear polyester or materials like merino wool, will it? The all-time high on-demand stuff for a beach wedding is linen, and there are so many options that come with men’s linen pants collection.

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  1. Loafers and not sports shoes please!

One of the most common errors we see when people dress for a beach wedding is choosing to wear sports shoes. It doesn’t look good! No matter how comfy they are but wearing a pair of sports shoes to a wedding is a big No.

Switch to loafers! The best thing about loafers is that they are formal and informal. Depending on the way you dress, they add their magic to the whole ensemble.

  1. Accessories to accentuate:

Hats, sunglasses, wristwatches, and more! Accessories add that extra bit of x-factor that we all need, especially when dressing to attend a wedding. So, wear accessories that match with your attire, and that should do the trick just fine.

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