The world of technology is growing at an astonishing rate, introducing innovations that our ancestors would have most likely deemed extraterrestrial in origin. Truth be told, even scientists are struggling just to keep up with every new piece of tech that’s launched each year. 


From groundbreaking military equipment to the latest developments in medicine, here are 7 modern technological advancements you’ve probably never heard of, until now!

Laser Weaponry

While this can easily sound like something straight out of Star Wars, laser weapons have actually been around for quite some time. They still don’t come in the form of flashy neon sabers, but exist as miniature fixtures that go on destroyers (large military boats) to shoot down missiles, enemy drones, and boats. Compared to traditional ones, laser weapons are computed-guided and aren’t affected by wind resistance. This makes them staggeringly more accurate and powerful.

Cutting-Edge Drones

Most of us imagine drones as flying spiders, embarking high-quality cameras to shoot breathtaking cinematography. The best follow me drone allows you to get fantastic natural shots with the drone following you or a subject of your choosing autonomously. However, drones have been used for decades to gather intelligence and conduct surveillance, in both military and civilian contexts. Notably, combat-proven unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are now designed to be as stealthy and undetectable as ever, and you’ll find that there will always be a website available that is bound to enlighten you on the latest advances in aeronautics used for military and defense purposes. They also embark a number of advanced techs on board, including state-of-the-art navigation, propulsion, and communication systems.

Nuclear Radiations Shield

As proven by the events of Chernobyl, and more recently in Fukushima, Japan, the world is never safe from a nuclear catastrophe. Whether it’s an exploding reactor or an atomic bomb used for warfare, nuclear power can wreak havoc and annihilate humanity altogether. That’s why scientists and specialized firms have been working on personal anti-radiation armors to allow first responders to reach affected sites safely, without fear of being exposed to gamma rays and other radioactive matters.


Have you always found traditional burials and cremations to be boring? Well, this technology is still in its early phases, but cryopreservation is now indeed a thing. Essentially, it’s a post-mortem process that involves removing bodily fluids, and replacing them with safe medical antifreeze. The body is then placed in a liquid nitrogen tank for conservation. Now, the success rate of such operations remains unknown, but with how fast technology is evolving, cemeteries might soon become a thing of the past!

Virtual Surgery

The development of virtual reality (VR) hasn’t simply benefited the entertainment and gaming industries. VR now has a variety of unsuspected applications, such as in the medical field. For instance, it’s quite common for fresh medical school grads not to be able to conduct surgeries; that’s why tech companies have developed virtual surgery platforms in hospitals to allow young doctors to practice, much like with pilots in cockpit simulators. This technology is expected to revolutionize surgical training methods worldwide.

Hair Growth Helmet

Hair loss is a reality for millions of men and women around the world, young and old alike. And while we can’t control our genetic makeup (yet), we can choose to fight baldness with the latest regrowth treatments. There are now futuristic-looking helmets (and even caps) that claim to stimulate hair growth at the root, using sophisticated lasers and LED lights. Nevertheless, they’re outrageously expensive, and we don’t know of their proven efficacy as of yet. To be taken with a grain of salt.

Voice Mask

If you often find yourself distracted by others around you while talking on the phone, at home or at the office, then the voice mask was made for you. As the name suggests, it’s a mask that’s worn around the lower part of the face, blocking out any outgoing noise and providing total privacy. It’ll perhaps make you look like a famous superhero villain, but it's bound to be an effective remedy for loud talking.

Self-Watering Plant Pot

To end things on a light, pleasant note, you can now spend days, even weeks away from home with the reassurance that your house plants won’t wither out and die of thirst. A company has recently developed a “smart” pot that will keep your favorite greeneries hydrated and in excellent condition for a whole month. In addition, thanks to the latest tech, you’ll even have access to all sorts of data directly on your smartphone, including temperature, moisture level, and soil fertility. These can make for a superb gift to offer your gardening enthusiast relative.



Nowadays, a new gadget or technology will be released just in time for that of last month to become obsolete and outdated. There is no doubt that the future has all sorts of leading-edge inventions in store for us, some useful and life-saving, other downright futile and quirky.


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