8 Things To Do When You Don’t Want to Do Anything

Life happens and we lose our motivation to be productive. We may have been more productive in the past but it's hard to get motivated to get things done. We’ve compiled a list of 8 things you do when you don't want to do anything.

1.Get outside

There are times when you just don't want to do anything. Maybe it's the end of a long day, or maybe you're just in a funk. When that happens, it's best to get outside and get some fresh air.

The thing about getting outside is that it doesn't have to be a long-term commitment. You can walk for five minutes in your backyard and be done with it, or you can go for a hike in the woods behind your neighborhood. It doesn't matter how far or how long you walk. What matters is that you're doing something other than sitting on the couch and watching TV or playing video games.

Besides, getting outside isn't just healthy for your body, it's healthy for your mind as well. You'll notice yourself feeling better after just a few minutes of walking around, even if all you're doing is taking a stroll around the block or going for a jog down the street.

Thus, when you don't feel like doing anything at all, getting outside is one of the best things you can do to help yourself feel better and happier again.

2. Meditate

Meditation is an ancient practice that involves sitting still without moving for long periods of time — usually 20 minutes or longer. The goal is to focus on your breath, body sensations and thoughts without judging them as good or bad. It's hard to believe that sitting still and breathing can be so rewarding, but it's true. 

In addition to that, teditation can help you find calm when your life is chaotic, and it can help you make important decisions when you're feeling overwhelmed.

As a matter of fact, this has been shown to have many physical and mental benefits — from reducing blood pressure and stress levels to improving creativity. So, if you're feeling stressed, try meditating for 10 minutes at your desk. You can close your eyes and focus on your breath, or you can keep them open and focus on something else—a picture on your desk or a plant in the corner. Keep an eye out for distractions that might pop into your head (the latest text from a friend, an upcoming meeting), and let them pass without judgment.

And if you're looking for something more structured, there are tons of guided meditation apps out there that will walk you through the process step-by-step.


If you're feeling stuck and unmotivated, journaling is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It's a great way to get in touch with what's going on inside your head, and it can help you figure out what you need to do next.

Journaling is also a good way to get unstuck if you're feeling stuck. You may not know what you want to do with your life, but writing down everything that comes to mind can help you look at your options from different angles.

If you're having trouble finding inspiration, journaling can also be an effective way to get it back. When we're struggling with motivation or inspiration, we tend to focus on our problems rather than looking for solutions. Writing down everything that comes up (even if it sounds completely ridiculous) helps us see these issues from a different perspective so we can find ways around them.

4. Try some easy chores

When you're feeling like you just don't have the energy to do anything, it's tempting to just stay in bed. But sometimes the best thing you can do is get up and start doing something—anything.

Even if it's something small and simple, like taking out the trash or doing a few dishes, it'll help you feel better about yourself and your life. When you're trying to do nothing but rest, it can feel like you're failing at life, but when you're doing something productive and tangible (even if it's only a little bit), it feels like progress.

Plus, once you see that things aren't as bad as they seemed when they were just an idea in your head, it'll be easier to tackle other projects later on down the road!

5. Listen to music

When you don't want to do anything, it can be hard to find something that will give you the feeling of accomplishment you're looking for. Listening to music can help you fill that need and let go of stress at the same time.

Music has been shown in studies to have a calming effect on people when they listen to it while doing other tasks, like driving or working out. It can also help improve concentration and focus when trying to complete a task or project.

Listening to music is a great way to relax and destress, but it's not just an activity for when you're feeling down—it can also help improve your mood when done regularly as part of your routine (like taking a shower).

6. Create a schedule

Let's be honest.

Creating a schedule is one of the things to do when you don't want to do anything because it seems like it would be really hard, and it sounds like you'd have to get off your couch and DO THINGS. But here's the thing, the more you put off creating a schedule, the more you will find yourself wanting to do less and less of everything else.

You don't have to start by planning out every second of your day—just get started with a basic outline. Think about what your week looks like right now, and how much time you spend on each activity. Then make some decisions about what kinds of things need to be added in or taken away from your week so that it fits into your life as it is right now while also allowing for growth.

You should create a calendar where you can write down appointments and deadlines so that they'll be in one place instead of scattered all over your brain. The more organized you are with your schedule, the easier it will be to get things done without feeling overwhelmed by how much remains on your plate.

7. Read a book

Reading will help you get out of your head, and into someone else's. When we read, we get to see the world through another person's eyes. We get to see how they view their surroundings, and what they think about things. This can give us a new perspective on our lives, helping us see things differently than we did before.

Reading is also an excellent way to relax and de-stress. When we read a book, our brains are actively engaged in processing information and following along with the story line. This helps us escape from our daily thoughts and stresses for a little while, which can help clear our minds before returning to the real world again!

8. Talk to a friend

When we're stressed out and exhausted, talking to a friend can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. The reason is because friends are there for you when you need them most. When you're feeling unmotivated, your friends will be there for you, offering encouragement and support when they know they can help.

They can also give you perspective on your situation. Sometimes all we need is someone else's opinion on a problem or situation we're having, and friends are great at giving us those kinds of perspectives because they know us better than anyone else!

When we don't feel like doing anything, there's still a lot we can do to make our lives better or easier. Most of the tasks are small, so this list will fill you up with a new sense of productivity and purpose in no time. Time to get on with it.

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