9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Boyfriend A Sex Toy




Have you ever owned a sex toy? If you have, you likely already know what all the hype is about. These marvelous inventions come in all shapes and sizes from websites like LustGasm, each with a unique function (or a few) to make your sexual experience, alone or with a partner, that much better. Whatever your favorite kind of way of receiving pleasure, you can find a toy that’ll duplicate it, or compliment it.


So, why do we get weird when it comes to giving sex toys as gifts? There are more and more sex toys for men emerging on the market, beyond the basic strokers and sex dolls – and many of them are designed to help men become better lovers. Without further ado, here are 9 reasons why we think you should buy your boyfriend a sex toy. There are so many sex toys out there and sites like this one dragonsdildo.co.uk where you can get them from. 


  1. Masturbation can improve your sex life


Sex is like any other skill – the more you practice, the better you get at it. And what better way to gain experience than by giving your man the tools to get to know his own body even further? 


By getting familiar with his body and what makes his eyes roll back with pleasure, and by practicing with the most realistic vaginas, he’ll be better equipped to share with you what you can do to make sex an even more enjoyable experience for him, and for you. It’ll also help him improve his skills! By experimenting with masturbation on your own, the two of you can begin to create a culture of open sex talk within your relationship, which in turn will increase intimacy and lead to better sex.


     2. They can improve his health


Masturbating with a sex toy doesn’t only improve his sexual health, but his mental health too. Having an orgasm releases the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which improve his mood and create a natural high. Orgasms can decrease cortisol, also known as the stress hormone – elevated levels of cortisol have been connected to lower immunity to heart disease.


What does this mean for you? A happier, healthier and stress-free partner can be more supportive, more loving and more equipped to handle the trials and tribulations you face on the daily.


    3. To spice things up in the bedroom


Like we said earlier, sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Some even come in the form of a board game, or a restraint set for BDSM. So, if you’ve been with your partner for a while and you’re looking for new ways to shake things up in the bedroom, look no further – a sex toy may be just what you need,  range of silicone chastity cages are great 

Think about what your partner generally likes in bed – does he go crazy for a finger in the butt, or is he BJ-obsessed? Does he always reach for an old t-shirt to tie your hands together because he likes to dominate you? Whatever it is, pick out a toy that will complement the kind of sex he likes the most. It’ll be a gift for the both of you, we guarantee.


    4. Watching him masturbate can be really hot


Have you ever watched your partner touch themselves? It can be one of the hottest things to see, and it can even help you learn a lot about how best to please your partner. Better yet, let him use the toy to masturbate in front of you while you touch yourself at the same time – whether as foreplay or the main dish, the results will be explosive.


    5. For nights when you’re not in the mood


It happens – sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to be sexy. Whether it’s because of every day stressors, your period, or even just being tired that night, you shouldn’t be expected to be on-call, 24/7 ready for sex. That said, if he wants to get off, that’s his right as well. So, how do you compromise? 


That’s right – his own personal sex toy. It puts less pressure on you, while giving him a fun and exciting way to get off that doesn’t only involve lotion and his hand.


    6. It can help improve his stamina


If your lover has trouble lasting long in the bedroom, sex toys can do wonders in terms of improving his stamina. There are specific toys that are made for helping men improve their stamina, and a great way to do this is by practicing edging, which involves bringing himself to the very edge of orgasm, stopping right before he does, and then repeating this pattern. Strokers and pocket pussies are perfect toys to practice doing this with.


    7. To help him get his fix of things you won’t do


Let’s face it – there are some things we just don’t want to do in bed. Some women don’t like any forms of butt play, and they shouldn’t have to do it just because their partner is really into it. Cue the wide selection of anal strokers on the market. He gets his fix of a very realistic ass, and it can even be incorporated as a form of foreplay.


    8. It opens the door to a whole new realm of pleasure 


There are so many different forms of pleasure that are impossible to attain without the help of some props. Role play, for example, might require a costume and some form of restraints. Some positions may only be possible with the presence of a sex swing that you can hang on your doorframe. Sensory play works best with a silk blindfold and a feather tickler. So, by purchasing these pieces for your partner, you open the door to a whole new realm of pleasure for the two of you.


   9. They improve trust and intimacy between the two of you


Since using sex toys might be new territory for your partner, they newness of the experience will help your partner to bond even deeper to you. Half the fun comes from gifting your partner a toy and having them try it out and share with you what they liked, what surprised them, and some new things they might want to try out.


At the end of the day, there’s really nothing quite like the bond of two people who trust each other fully, feel safe in sharing the most intimate, private pieces of themselves and feel accepted for it.

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