Who doesn't love to eat a whopper at burger king? Or why McDonald's and Burger King are big rivals? Even if you think you are burger king super fan, still there are some interesting facts you might not know about burger king.



  • History:


Burger King was founded by Keith Farmer and Matthew Burns in 1953 at Jacksonville, Florida. It was first named as Insta Burger King, but then the franchise was purchased by David Edgerton and James McLamore in 1954 and they renamed the franchise, and give it a name Burger King, and they also invented its trademark, Whopper. But then again the franchise was sold to Pillsbury Company for only 18$, as the company was drowning in loses. The company that has a change of owners again and again due to loses is now the third-largest food franchise. The list of its owner includes Pillsbury, Diego, 3G Capital, Grand Metropolitan, TPG Capital, etc.


  • The Secret Menu:


Did you know that Burger King has a secret burger, called Suicide Burger? It's very high in calories, around 800 calories. It includes four burger patties, bacon, four cheese slices, and its special sauce. The suicide burger has 2430 mg of sodium and 175 mg of cholesterol. Eating it daily can make you sick, but have you tried it, it's irresistible. There is another secret menu item in Burger King list which is called Frings, its half onion and half fries, now you don't have to choose between onion rings and fries, you can have them both in one bite. Yummy, isn't it.

  •   Burger Perfumes:

If you are a food fan and your nose would prefer meat fragrance over the flower scent than Burger King has introduced whopper scented perfumes for its fans. Burger King also introduced body spray for men, Flame by BK, which has a smell of broiled meat. These perfumes are only available in Japan for only one day, to celebrate Whopper's day.


  • Burger King Card:


  • Burger king crown card owners can have an unlimited supply of burgers and fries at a very low price. Even celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Hudson, George Lucas, Jay Leno, all have Burger King coveted gold card. The Burger King gold card is a life savior for all burger king fans. For more information on Burger King, visit this website.


  • Hungry Jacks:


Do you know burger king cannot use it’s own franchise name in Australia? Due to copyright laws, Burger King's name is owned by some other Australian company. So, in Australia burger king is called, Hungry Jacks.


  • Serving US Troops:


Burger King is one of those restaurants who serve the US Army overseas, like in Iraq. For safety reasons, Burger King is outfitted with shatterproof glass, the containers placed outside of the restaurant provide extra protection and the ceiling of burger king can absorb shrapnel. Now you can eat without a worry in bombarding locations.

  • Global Fast Food Chain:

Burger King has 13,000, franchises in 79 countries. Burger King is found in many countries, like the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Fiji, Colombia, France, Spain, South Africa, Germany, etc. Not everywhere Burger King offers food delivery service, but they deliver in several locations.


  • Burger King Logos:


Burger King has changed many logos. From the king sitting on a burger logo of 1955 to blue bun capped text, the final logo was chosen in 1998.

  •  What is Whopperito?

To maintain its position in the fast-food game and engage its customers, Burger King has invented some wacky items. In 2016, Burger King introduced Whopperito, which is a whopper burger served in a flour tortilla. They also serve something called, Crosian'wich.  In Halloween, the Japanese Burger King sells a black burger covered in charcoal.

Dropdown a comment and tell us about your experience at Burger King or some weird facts that we might be missing.

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