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9 Things To Do in Roatan

The island of Roatan is considered the most populated in Honduras. It is considered a great tourist attraction due to its super clear waters and white sand beaches. So when you are planning a trip to Roatan, below you will find the Top 9 things to do in Roatan before saying adios!

1. Gumbalimba park

Gumbalimba Park is a Things To Do in Roatan. A great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun family day out on the island, Gumbalimba Park has plenty to do for everyone!

First of all, there’s the water park. It’s got a huge wave pool and several slides, including one that goes down into the water itself! There are also several areas for toddlers and smaller children to play in, if you don’t feel like getting dunked by waves or going down any slides yourself.

Another big draw of Gumbalimba Park is their petting zoo. They have donkeys and goats as well as chickens and sheep (and even some bunnies). If you want something more exotic than that then they also have tortoises and parrots!

If you want something more relaxing then head over to their café where you can get some authentic Honduran food or just hang out with friends while enjoying some drinks from the bar. There will also be live music performances throughout the day so keep an eye out for these too!

2. Happy Harry’s hideaway

The Happy Harry's Hideaway is a beautiful beachfront restaurant that offers a relaxing and fun atmosphere. The restaurant has been open since 2003 and has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. It is located in West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

The Happy Harry's Hideaway is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily, and it closes at 6:00 PM on Sundays. The restaurant serves breakfast from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM with their specialties being pancakes, French toast and Caribbean-style eggs benedict. They also serve lunch from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM with their specialties being grilled fish tacos and chicken Caesar salad wraps.

In addition to being a popular dining destination for locals and tourists alike, Happy Harry's Hideaway also offers live entertainment every day of the week! Their shows take place at 2:00 PM, 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM so you can enjoy some great music while dining here!

3. Roatan Shore Excursion

Roatan is one of the most beautiful islands in all of Central America. It’s got palm trees, white sand beaches, and friendly locals. The Roatan Shore Excursion is the perfect way to explore this island paradise.

You can choose from several different types of tours: snorkeling tours, glass-bottomed boat tours, or kayaking tours. There are also other options if you have an interest in visiting places like ancient Mayan ruins or climbing up some mountains to get a view of the whole island.

There are plenty of things to do in Roatan, but my personal favorite is snorkeling because it gives me an excuse to wear my new swimsuit while checking out tropical fish and coral reefs!

4. West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach is located on the west coast of Roatan and offers one of the most pristine beaches in the world. The sand here is powder soft and has been described as “white sugar.” The water is also crystal clear, allowing you to see straight down to the bottom of the ocean floor. You'll be able to see colorful fish swimming by as well as coral reefs that are home to many different kinds of sea life!

The best time to visit West Bay Beach is during sunrise or sunset because it's at these times that you'll be able to experience some of the most magnificent views in all of Honduras. You can also rent snorkeling gear if you'd like to explore even further beneath the water's surface.

After spending time enjoying this natural beauty, make sure you grab some food at one of the many restaurants nearby so that you can refuel before heading back home!

5. Roatan Half-day Combo Horseback riding with Zipline

This half-day horseback riding adventure will take you through the jungle and up to a beautiful waterfall for some amazing photo opportunities. You'll be able to enjoy the sounds of the jungle, see wildlife in its natural habitat and learn about the flora and fauna of Roatan.

The tour includes a 30-minute ride through a lush tropical forest where you'll be able to see monkeys, toucans and other native birds. You'll also get the chance to try your hand at horsemanship skills such as posting, trotting, cantering, loping and turning corners.

Your tour then continues on to a zipline course where you can glide through the trees on two ziplines crossing over streams and waterfalls. The views are breathtaking as you zip over the jungle canopy looking out across Roatan's beaches and coastline.

6. Boat Trip to St. Helene Village plus Snorkeling

A boat trip to St. Helene Village plus snorkeling is one of the most popular things to do in Roatan. St. Helene Village is just a short distance from the main island, and it's a great place to visit for an afternoon of fun and relaxation.

While you're there, you can take advantage of all the water sports on offer at this beautiful location. Rent a kayak or stand-up paddle board and cruise around the calm waters, or try your hand at sailing or windsurfing! For those who prefer a more relaxing experience, there are plenty of hammocks available for you to lounge on while you watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.

If you're looking for some adventure in your day out on the water, why not try snorkeling? There are dozens of coral reefs off shore that make for amazing snorkeling spots—and they're accessible by boat! Whether you've never tried snorkeling before or want to get back into it after years away from your mask and fins (like me!), this trip will provide an easy way for everyone in your group to experience what makes these reefs so special.

7. Stay at Xbalanque Resort

This is one of the best places to stay on the island, with beautiful views and an incredible location. You'll be close to everything you want to see and do while in Roatan, including restaurants and shops, but far enough away that you don't have to deal with all of the noise and crowds.

The resort has something for everyone—from family-friendly activities like swimming pools, water sports rentals, and snorkeling trips; to adults-only activities like kayaking or stand up paddle boarding; there's something for everyone here at Xbalanque Resort.

8. Mahogany Bay

Roatan, Honduras is home to the stunning Mahogany Bay, which offers visitors a chance to explore the local flora and fauna while enjoying the beach. There are several options for activities here, including snorkeling and kayaking. Kayaks are available for rent at $15 per hour. Snorkeling gear can also be rented for $15 per day.

The bay itself is a beautiful place to spend the day: it's surrounded by lush foliage and features plenty of wildlife, including birds, monkeys and iguanas! If you're lucky enough to visit during whale season (January-February), you'll be able to see whales migrating along the coast!

9. La Palapa Beach Bar

La Palapa Beach Bar is a great place to relax, enjoy a drink and soak up the sun. This beach bar has a wide variety of food and drinks at very reasonable prices. The staff are friendly and helpful and there is plenty of shade available to keep you cool during your visit. There is also a small pool table with pool cues provided for use by customers at no additional cost.

The bar has live music every night from 6pm until midnight which creates a fun atmosphere for everyone who attends. La Palapa Beach Bar is located on West End Road in Coxen Hole, Roatan which means that it is easily accessible by taxi or car from anywhere on the island. It's also within walking distance of many other popular attractions such as The Sunset Grill Restaurant & Lounge which also offers live music, El Divino Resort & Spa, The Blue Marlin Restaurant & Sports Bar which provides free WiFi access, and Dolphin Discovery Center & Resort.

Roatan is comfortable and inviting, but it does not disappoint in terms of activities. It is a Caribbean island, so people do come here for the beautiful beaches, but there are also several things you can visit aside from beaches.
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