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9 Things to do in Skagway

Skagway, Alaska is located in the heart of Southeast Alaska on the northern fringe of Canada's Inside Passage. Travelers here can spend their days exploring glaciers and wildlife preserves, or just relaxing with a beer in the warm summer sun. Wherever you end up, make sure to take advantage of the following 9 things to do in Skagway

1. White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

The White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad is a historic and scenic railroad that runs through the stunning Alaskan landscapes of Skagway, Alaska. It was built in 1898 and is one of the most popular excursions to take while visiting Alaska.

The railroad is just under 40 miles long, with its highest point being 1,000 feet above sea level at White Pass Summit. The train travels through breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, clear blue lakes and lush green forests. The train starts its journey in downtown Skagway, which was once a booming mining town during the late 1800s gold rush era.

While on your journey you will also pass by Dyea, which was another mining town during this time period where people would board ships for their journey across the Bering Sea to Nome, Alaska.

2. See the famous hanging gardens of Skagway

The Hanging Gardens of Skagway are a must-see attraction for any visitor to Alaska. These hanging gardens, which have been featured on the National Geographic channel, were built by local residents in order to provide a bit of greenery and some privacy for people in the area. They are located at the top of the hill above town, and you can reach them via a number of staircases that wind around the mountain.

The gardens are constructed from materials found locally. You'll see everything from moss and grasses to small trees growing here! If you're looking for something different to do in Skagway, this is it!

3. Visit Lower Dewey Lake 

If you're looking for a relaxing way to spend your time in Skagway, take a trip to Lower Dewey Lake. The Lower Dewey Lake Trail is 2.6 miles long and takes about 2 hours to complete. It's an easy hike that offers plenty of stunning views of the surrounding area—including the Twin Sisters peaks, which are also visible from town.

The trailhead is located just outside of downtown Skagway on the corner of Broadway and C Street. There are restrooms at the trailhead and toilets at the lake itself, which makes this an ideal place for families with small children or dogs who need access to fresh water. Dogs are allowed on-leash only on this trail. However, they must be leashed at all times while in Skagway due to local laws regulating dog control.

Another option is to start your hike at the top of Upper Dewey Lake Road. This will add another mile or so onto your journey but also give you access to some beautiful views from above as well as a chance to see if there are any bears around!

4. Hike to the Chilkoot Trail

If you're looking for something different from the usual tourist stops, then Chilkoot Trail in Skagway is the place to go. The trail is a historic route used by gold miners during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897.

The trail is located in Skagway, Alaska and is a popular hiking trail. This region of Alaska offers many outdoor activities such as kayaking, rafting and fishing. There are also many museums and historical sites nearby that will be sure to interest history buffs.

Chilkoot Trail is about 2 miles long and takes about 1 hour to hike. There are several sections where the trail crosses over a glacier and requires climbers to use crampons or hiking poles. This portion of the trail can be dangerous so make sure you stick to the designated path when crossing these sections of ice!

5. Visit the Skagway Museum and learn about the history of Skagway

If you're looking to learn more about Skagway's history, the Skagway Museum is a must-see. It's home to a wide range of exhibits that detail how the town was founded, how it grew and developed over time, and even how it fell into decline before being revitalized by cruise ship traffic.

The museum's exhibits include everything from artifacts from the Gold Rush days to stories about the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad Company. There are also exhibits dedicated to native Alaskan cultures (like Tlingit), as well as others that cover topics like whaling and logging in the area.

If you're interested in learning more about Alaska's history or just want to spend a few hours getting lost in some interesting facts, this is definitely one place you'll want to check out!

6. Get some fresh seafood at one of Skagway's many restaurants

Whether you're looking for a casual bite or a fine-dining experience, you'll find something to suit your tastes and budget. The best way to get started is by walking around town and checking out what's in season and what catches your eye. 

The variety of options is impressive! You can get everything from halibut tacos at local favorite Bonanza Bar and Grill to a homemade crab cake at the Alaska House Restaurant.

If you want to be sure that you're getting the freshest seafood possible, consider eating in during the off-season—around September through March—when seafood is abundant and prices are lower than they are during peak tourism months (May–September).

7. Listen to live music while you eat dinner on board a ship in Skagway Harbor

If you're looking for something to do in Skagway, Alaska, we think you should consider checking out Skagway Harbor. There, you can eat dinner while listening to live music on board a ship!

It's a fun experience that's perfect for couples and small groups. You'll get to enjoy a delicious three-course meal while listening to some great music. The boat will leave the dock at 7:30pm, so make sure you arrive early enough that you can find parking nearby or take advantage of the shuttle service provided by the restaurant.

The boat will anchor off shore until dinner is ready, then it will return to the dock so that everyone can disembark. After dinner is over, you'll be able to stay onboard as long as you want!

8. Shop in  Skagway Outlet Store

You can shop in the Skagway Outlet Store in Skagway and not only get a discount on your purchases, but also enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

You'll find that this outlet store offers you many great deals on the different products they carry. If you're looking for clothing or even household goods, then this is a great place to start.

The prices at this outlet store can't be beat! You'll find that everything here is priced much lower than what you'll find at other stores around town.

In addition to the low prices, you'll also find that there are plenty of great sales going on all year long at this outlet store in Skagway. You'll want to check back often to see what's new and what's old because there are always some really good deals being offered here!

9. Try Skagway Dog Sledding Tour

If you are looking for a unique, adventurous and fun way to experience Skagway, Alaska, then a dog sledding tour is the perfect thing for you! The dog sledding tours in Skagway are an amazing way to experience both the nature and culture of this beautiful city.

Once you get going, you’ll find yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains, icy lakes and bubbling rivers that are sure to take your breath away. The tour is approximately 3 miles long and lasts around 45 minutes, so it’s perfect for people of all ages who want to experience the thrill of dog sledding without having to spend days on end in the wilderness – just enough time for some fun outdoors!

These tours are not only fun but also educational, as they provide you with information about the history of Skagway and its surroundings while enjoying company with your dog.

More importantly, the guides on these tours are very knowledgeable about everything that is related to this area and will make sure that you and your dog have a great time during your trip through Skagway.

In the town of Skagway you can find a great balance of restaurants and entertainment options. Whether you are looking for a full, sit down dinner or a quick snack to get you through the day there is something for everyone's tastes. So if you are planning a trip to Alaska and bringing your furry pal with you check out these 9 things to do in Skagway while on vacation!

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