9 Unexpected Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

When decorating your home, there are various styles you could opt for, from minimalism to an eclectic approach. However, you can also include the biophilic design into your life, which entails adding plenty of greenery to your living abode, among other things. In case you’re not sure how you can decorate with plants, read on for some interesting ideas.


Place different plants together

Playing with size is one of the best ways to create a well-decorated space. With that in mind, you should consider getting plants of different heights that you can group together. For example, one tall plant such as a fiddle-leaf fig can easily stand alone in a corner, but it can also be complemented with some shorter plants. Moreover, color is another aspect to think about when mixing plants. You can place only dark greens on a shelf while you can also bring in some color into your space with different species that bloom.

Combine plants with books, figurines, and other knickknacks

In case you’ve found yourself with some bare shelves and are not sure how to further fill them up, plants can fit this space as well. From cacti and succulents to snake plants and pothos, there are many houseplants that can also grow on a shelf. Depending on the color of the pot you choose, they can perfectly complement the books, figurines, travel memorabilia, and other knickknacks that you may have on the shelves.

Come up with interesting table centerpieces

If various surfaces around your home seem empty, you can also put a few plants on them that will serve as a stunning focal piece. From tall and narrow vases that contain fresh flowers that can grace your dining table to shallow and elongated planters that you will put on your nightstand or windowsill, the options at your disposal are truly countless.

Smoothen the rough edges

It’s not unusual for interior spaces to be a bit rough around the edges and come with plenty of straight lines. Luckily, plants can easily soften up the space and make it more welcoming. There are also various ways how you can do this. For example, by placing a tall plant like a palm in a corner, you can remove the sharp edge and add some texture and softness. Furthermore, you can also add climbing plants like English ivy, pothos, and monstera to your walls and let them wrap around shelves, mirrors, and other items.

Hang them from the ceiling

Sometimes you will not really have space on the wall but still need some greenery in your home. In that case, opt for ceiling suspended plants. Some of the varieties you can choose for this include petunias, begonias, the spider plant, bird’s nest fern, and pothos. When it comes to hanging them, you can drill holes in the ceiling where you will place hooks or opt for an adhesive strip that’s best for rentals.

Opt for one-of-a-kind pots

No matter if you decide to hang plants from the ceiling or place them on the floor, a great way to draw attention to them is by using unique pots. In terms of variety, you have so many alternatives. For instance, you can go for solid colors or patterns. You can opt for terracotta ones or put plastic pots in decorative ones that will make the space more interesting. Then, you can look for individual planters with legs and even knit some macramé hangers.

Use a terrarium for a unique statement

If the planters all look the same to you, you can also create a terrarium that will be one of a kind. You can easily purchase a container in a local shop or online and then it’s up to you how you will arrange the plants inside. You can, of course, scour the internet for some inspiration when layering various materials, decorative rocks, and plants. Just make sure the plants you choose are suitable for terrariums.

Get rid of planters altogether

Another way how you can go planter-free is by using the art of Kokedama. This means that you will be making balls of moss, in which your plants will have no problem surviving. Kokedama will certainly make your living space unique so consider learning more about it if you don’t want to use traditional pots.

Decorate with your propagation station

Maybe you don’t have any plants that are fully grown and are still working with propagating plants that you got from friends. Worry not as there is also a way to use this to your advantage. Look for some cute jars where the baby plants can fit and use these to decorate the space. You can place them on surfaces like shelves and windowsills. What is more, if you find a wood base for the jars, you can easily combine it with other wooden accents in your home.


Plants can be a very affordable way of decorating your home while they also come with countless health benefits. If you’re just starting out with your green oasis or just looking for some inspiration, keep these ideas in mind when you decide it’s time to inject some plant power into your living space.

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