A Bar Of Soap For Your Hair?

Have You Ever Heard Of Using A Bar Of Soap For Your Hair? I Had No Idea…Until Now!

We've all heard of shampoo and conditioner unless you live under a rock, I guess.  There are literally thousands of kinds to choose from, but do you know about a bar of soap that you can use on your hair?  Yep!  There are shampoo and conditioner bars specifically designed to help your hair.  At first, I wasn't sure how this was going to work.  Thankfully, Upfront Cosmetics recently sent me these bars and I was able to try them out for myself!  They have a nice scent (all-natural) that's not overpowering and they certainly made my hair soft and shiny, so I'm sold.  I can't wait to give my daughter a couple to try out, I think she'll be pleasantly surprised.

A Bar Of Soap For Your Hair?

Soap Doesn't Have To Lather

I'm so used to using the same old shampoo in a plastic bottle that lathers up like crazy.  However, I noticed that using this bar didn't give me the same lather.  At first, I thought that was going to be a problem.  I considered that lathering meant clean.  This isn't completely correct.  When I washed my hair with the Neutral Shampoo Bar I noticed it wasn't lathering, but I kept on scrubbing my scalp.  After rinsing my hair I then used the Rosemary Mint Conditioner Bar and I was wowed by the soft, clean, invigorating feeling right away.  After I was done and my hair dried, I was amazed at how soft and shiny it was, not to mention it smelled awesome!

A Bar Of Soap For Your Hair?

All About The Planet

Upfront Cosmetics is all about helping our planet and not damaging it more than we already have.  As a matter of fact, that's why they make bars of soap as opposed to using plastic bottles.  Do you know how much damage that does?  They don't stop at helping our planet though.  They make sure the product they're selling is all-natural!  Here are the benefits you'll receive when you purchase from them.  Their products have no animal testing, they're paraben-free, sulfate-free, no synthetic fragrances, and of course, it's vegan.

A Bar Of Soap For Your Hair?

If you're looking for a product that is only here to help our beautiful planet while doing amazing things for your hair, you need Upfront Cosmetics!

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