Do you like Toffee then I have some to tell you about, Blissfully Better are organic and taste so good. They come in 5 flavors and they taste as good as the next.

Produced in small batches in the USA, each confection is handcrafted in copper kettles. We make the 72% dark chocolate for all our products from scratch using 100% organic ingredients, and of course using our signature coconut nectar, without ever using any refined white sugar.  Certified Organic and sweetened only with low glycemic coconut nectar, their confections literally are Blissfully Better for you and your taste buds!

 Perfect pieces of salt and the chocolate is so wonderful and tastes so smooth and very much “small batch” made. They melt in your mouth! And the portion sizes are perfect. One little square satisfies my hunger pangs during the day or is a perfect ending to finish off my dinner.

If you like chocolate like me then these will do the job and, help you to get that wanting something sweet and they are great for you. I loved the sea salt ones and the mint where my husband liked the coconut and the almond ones. They are all great and so tasteful, there's a flavor for everyone.

Chocolate plus is what I named them, they are chocolate plus coconut, mint, sea salt, and more, there's a certain taste to them and its like something of goodness, if you have never tried anything organic I would, these are perfect

In 2017, we added Organic Crunchy Quinoa Toffee Thins, Organic Sea Salt Caramel Thins, and our first vegan addition—Organic Toasted Coconut Thins. In 2018, we added our second vegan offering, Organic Mint Thins, to Blissfully Better’s family of confections.


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