A Conversation About Prayer and Gratitude

If you’re looking for a ray of positivity online today, this blog is your reminder of the light within you. We often wander through various means and resources searching for the divine, but forget that we have been given the gift of a very powerful tool that is prayer. Whether you believe in a single religion, or your concept of the divine connection stems from spirituality, prayer is equally relevant and helpful to all. For starters, it puts you in a position to receive whatever it is that you may petition for. But most of all, it brings about a deep sense of faith, that no matter what the circumstance, better days are ahead. So what is the link that makes praying feel so good? The answer lies in gratitude. This blog will talk about all that is available to those who pray from a place of gratitude.

Gratitude is food for the soul

If you have noticed, the majority of our prayers stem from wants and wishes. However, prayer is simpler than that. It is not to ask (you cal, if you wish to!) but to thank for what we already have. This has two beautiful effects. The first one is the realization of our privileges and blessings, no matter how small they may seem, and the second is that living in the energy of gratitude helps us be open to more blessings. When we express thanks, it is an affirmation that makes us feel good, thereby feeding the soul. For once, pray to express gratitude for five things you have in life and watch your mentality of lack disappear slowly.

Prayer instills the essence of earnestness

Bringing sincerity and humility into your life can be made possible when you have a close connection with the Almighty. In whatever shape or form that you think resonates with you, praying is the easiest way to experience the energy of earnestness.

It can change your state of mind

Prayers are powerful enough to change your entire mindset. If you have been wishing to shift your internal narrative, the way you perceive yourself, and the story you want to live, learn how to pray. This powerful practice not only puts into perspective the life you’re living but also the experiences that you go through in order to change. Those who pray to grow because of the ‘epiphanies’ they receive in these durations. Is it divine intervention or your internal guidance? Whatever you believe in that the divine works through you.

Are prayers answered by the subconscious or a divine entity?

The answer depends on your belief. There are several schools of thought within the same religions, often. However, no matter what your belief, prayer is available to all and shows us the simplicity of speaking our hearts' desires and petitions.


Wrapping Up:

We hope that this blog brings you closer to your practice with prayer. Forming a ritual to pray every day not just improves your mindset, but also creates a deep sense o

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