A Woolly Cozy Gift for Christmas2

Do you know someone that suffers from allergies? Do you know anyone that could use help getting more sleep? Are you wondering what kind of gift to help them make it through the Winter, better yet, any season of the year? I have a wooly cozy gift idea, the Australia Pure Wool Quilt. This quilt will help keep them snuggly warm and sneeze-free.

Australia Pure Wool Quilt

A Woolly Cozy Gift for Christmas2

Designed to help those with allergies, this wool quilt is soft, comfy, warm and fully machine washable. Are you wondering how is this possible? The 100% Australian wool pile is not exposed. Instead, it is encased in a pure, high-quality, cotton casing. The casing has no resins or chemicals. There are several other reasons why you or someone you know would love this quilt including:

  • Made In Australia
  • Woolmark approved (guarantees fibre content and quality to both consumers and the supply chain, 100% new wool)
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • A warranty is included
  • Improves sleeping quality by more than 25%

Why It Makes A Great Gift

Besides improving your sleep quality (who doesn't want that), there are four other reasons why a wool quilt is great gift:

  1. Soft, Fluffy, No Clumps – wool has at least 40% natural flexibility, it can rebound to its original form over and over again.
  2. Wool can absorb 35% of water which helps to keep our bodies warm in cold weather, while also allowing you to get close to the perfect temperature (32.7 Degrees) of ideal sleep.
  3. Wool is difficult to ignite, has limited ability to sustain a flame, and burns slowly. Low carbon capability and naturally prevents fires.
  4. Free from dust and Anit-germs. Perfect for new born babies, sufferers of asthma, rheumatism, and elderly people.

Who do you know that would love this ultra soft quilt?

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