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A Delicious Kids’ Snack

This Plant-Based Snack Is Not Only Delicious, But It's Healthy!

Finding a kid's snack that makes both children and parents happy is hard nowadays. There's so much sugar and processed ingredients, and nobody wants to feed them that! Valentine's Day just passed and my granddaughters wanted candy, like everyone else. However, I was lucky enough to get some Mighty Yum snacks sent to me. They sent me a box of delicious goodies that my granddaughters (and I) absolutely loved! The box says “plant-based” but our taste buds say YUM. We received things like Plant-Based Pepperoni Pizza Munchables, Plant-Based Turkey and Cheese Munchables, and more.

I have to be honest and tell you that when I see something that says “plant-based” I get a little worried about how it tastes. However, with Mighty Yum, I honestly couldn't tell! Neither could my granddaughters because they ate every single bite. Not to mention they also sent some flavorful Plant-Based Wild Blueberry Puffed Rice Protein Bars. These bars were full of blueberry flavor and that happens to be my favorite. They also offer a Strawberry Cupcake and an Original flavor.

The Munchables come in a small package perfect for a sack lunch. The Turkey and Cheese include crackers, turkey, and cheese (all plant-based). This is perfect for kids to make their very own creations. One of my favorite things about this company is you can buy either a 6, 12, or 18 pack, or you can subscribe and save money. There are no artificial ingredients and includes lots of essential vitamins and proteins.

No longer do you need to spend your hard-earned money on junk food! Kids deserve to consume food that tastes amazing while being as healthy as can be. These snacks will make parents and kids so happy! I love giving kids choices and with Mighty Yum, you have that. Not only choices, but they also get to make their own creations to eat. This gives them a sense of independence and it just feels good. Just beware because when kids bring these yummy snacks to school other children are going to want them!

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