When it comes to my family, we try and get together as much as possible. Family means everything to us and when we have a chance we try and head home as much as we can.

Keeping the bar stocked for when the family does come it is a must, they all have different tastes and likes. As a child and teen, my dad and uncles always shared a drink together. It didn't matter whose house they had to sit and talk and have a drink together. My dad and uncles always had whiskey and coke, daddy had a whiskey and 7up. I can remember their drinks like it was yesterday.

Recently I had the chance to try Rogue spirits, an 80 proof single malt whiskey. I can say it was a smooth tasting whiskey going down. This is crafted from the same exact malts as the ale is. This is aged for 2 years and gives dark cocoa, coffee and caramel tones to it.

We dont drink much but having a glass and celebrating the lives of my family, I love the taste and how smooth it goes down. Everything they use for both the gins and whiskeys is grown on the Rogue farms.  Distilled in a 550-gallon copper Vendome still, our whiskeys are aged in oak barrels that breathe the cool, moist Pacific air.


In 1989, Jack found himself in Newport, Ore., stuck in an unusual snowstorm when he met Mohava Niemi, aka “Mo” (founder of Mo's Restaurants) who extended her signature hospitality and fed him some of her famous clam chowder. Over a bowl, she told him she'd always dreamed of living above a bar and described the perfect spot for the next Rogue Brewpub: Mo had a large building with three apartments upstairs, a sweater shop, an art gallery, 1,100 sq. ft. of empty storefront and an 800-square-foot garage.


This whiskey is not only great to sip, but also holds up in a spirit-forward cocktail.




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