With kids ranging from 2 to 11, and one of them having Autism, creating a playroom that caters to the needs of each child can sometimes be a challenge. I like putting things in the room that can be used in multiple ways.

Think chairs that double as storage, mats that are great for playing and snack time because they can wipe clean, and even portable highchairs!

In addition, because I have a child with Autism, I like to add things that are both for comfort and that serve a need for his Sensory Processing Disorder; for that, I turn to weighted blankets!

Now, you might be reading this and thinking, why would you have these things in a playroom? Isn't a playroom for toys?

Well, yes and no; our playroom, along with the items in it, serve two purposes. It is both a place for playing and a homeschool classroom for my son. So the items need to work for both uses, and for all three kids ages 2, 7, and 11.

One of my favorite little storage chairs is Mickey And The Roadster Racers Tidy Town Jumbo Hidden Storage Chair. It is small enough that my 2-year-old has no trouble sitting on it, and has enough storage space that all the sensory blocks fit inside!


The playmat that matches it is fantastic as well. It is reversible and has a scene of Mickey and the gang on one side, and roadster gears on the other. It is thick and wipes clean with ease, which is why it is the perfect addition to any playroom.


For my youngest, I like having a portable high chair available should she need one. For that, I really like the Ciao Baby Portable High Chair. it comes in its own little storage bag, and it is really easy to set up and its a breeze to clean. In addition, it is short enough that my daughter can reach her food without sitting it (toddler independence and all that jazz!)

Plus, it comes with a little clip on umbrella for use outside. It is perfect for camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor events, in addition to use in the playroom.


Lastly, for my son (although my daughters seem to like it as well) is a weighted blanket. We have two, but one is strictly for his bedroom, while the other is the dedicated playroom blanket. The blanket from My Calm Blanket is perfect for when he needs a little extra pressure, or is having a rough day and just needs to take a breather.


It is not too heavy, and it is large enough that he can wrap it around himself and just relax. I think that even if you don't have a child with special needs, having a weighted blanket is a great investment because it can help everyone deal with their anxiety or just as a way to deal with the stress of the day.

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