A Few Ideas for Memorializing the Deceased

A Few Ideas for Memorializing the Deceased

After someone close to you has passed, you can sometimes lack the outlets to express your love and grief. Here are a few ideas for memorializing the deceased that hopefully inspire a memorial that captures their spirit.

Build a Garden

If the deceased choices cremation, there most likely isn’t a final resting place for loved ones to visit. That’s why many families will build a memorial garden. A garden creates a beautiful setting where you can go and stay in a quiet space to reflect on your memories. Also, caring for the plants gives you a way to focus your love constructively and create life. A memorial garden represents the circle of life and will help keep the memory of the deceased alive.

Establish Foundations or Trusts in Their Name

Setting up a foundation or trust after a person passes allows them to continue impacting the causes closest to them long after they’ve left. A foundation is a charity that will raise money to pursue a particular goal; they typically will have the infrastructure to allow them to make an active change.

For many families, the logistics and time to maintain a foundation are unrealistic. However, with trusts, you can raise money to donate to already established charities and foundations. That way, you won’t feel pressured to maintain a budget, but instead, you can contribute, when possible, to reliable and trusted charities.

Set Up a Memorial Facebook Page or Website

After a person has passed, there can be a societal stigma about public grief. People will understand your pain early, but they often expect you to get over it sooner than you are ready. That’s why many people will refrain from sharing memories or reaching out when times are hard. To give people a place to channel their grief, some have started setting up a memorial Facebook page or website where people can virtually be there for one another.

Personalize Their Gravestone

The standard choice for gravestones is marble headstones with their name, dates, and a basic epithet. While these are beautiful memorials you can visit to pay your respect, they can lack a personal touch. For example, a ceramic photo on a headstone photo plaque will allow you to look upon your loved one every time you visit them. Other families might get an image with personal meaning etched into the stone. You could also make the gravestone a bench, so there is a place to sit for more extended visits, or you can add one in later.

After a person passes, they aren’t gone as long as you remember your love for them. Using one of these few ideas for memorializing the deceased creates a personal memorial that keeps their memory alive.

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