A Fisherman’s Favorite New Gadget!

Have you ever been fishing on a boat and used a mounted fish finder to see all the fish under the boat? Have you wondered what is outside of the boat and all around you that you cant see? With the latest fish finding technology by iBobber you can decide where you want to look underneath the water with one simple cast!

The iBobber is a Bluetooth enabled, Castable Fish finder. So what this means is that you can sync this product to your phone with the app that is included in the package, you would then tie in the iBobber to your line using the built in attachment point (It is best if you also use a swivel when tying into your line), open the app on your phone, cast your line and the iBobber into the water and then see what is under the water where your iBobber lands. What seemed to work best for me was to have a second rod and reel ready to cast out with bait or a lure on the hook, and if the fish seem plentiful near the iBobber, cast out the second line and hook a big one!! The bluetooth range is 100 feet from the iBobber back to your smart device. I couldn't believe the accuracy provided by iBobber. The sonar scans to a depth of 135 feet! The details of the graphics on the phone's display are impressive! The fish are marked by two different sizes on the display screen. The smaller sized fish mark fish up to 15 inches and the larger size mark fish 15 inches and larger The iBobber comes complete with its own docking station for charging, wired with a convenient USB plug-in. The charger comes equipped with three rubber feet for good grip where ever you decide to sit it. It also comes with its own iBobber storage bag with a handy carabiner to attach it to your tackle box, or whatever set up that you carry with you fishing!


Overall, I've been totally impressed with the iBobber, from everything from the accuracy to the ease of use. I would recommend one for fisherman of all experience levels! IBobber is available for purchase at Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and other stores!