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A Flower Dripper And More

Have You Had Coffee From A Flower Dripper? Well, There's So Much More!

How do you make your coffee?  With a traditional coffee maker or do you buy those pretty coffee drinks with the whipped cream?  Whatever way you prefer doesn't matter because I just want you to consider trying a flower dripper.  What the heck is this?  Well, I asked the same question.  Cafec sent me their cool 2-4 cup Pour-Over Plastic Flower Dripper along with their Cup 4 Medium Roast Paper Filter.  These filters fit this perfectly because they're cone-shaped, which lets your ground coffee breathe.

Would you like to know what the “so much more” in the title is all about?  Well, Cafec also sent Alba 1913 Body Maintenance Galenic Body Wash and Arte Wellness Defend and Recover Immunity drinks.  I'll go into more detail below about each product!  Now that winter is here and we have all of these viruses we need to be taking care of our immunity.  The more help you can get the better.

How Do I Use The Flower Dripper Coffee Maker

The Flower Dripper is just like any other pour-over method, but you have to use the correct cone-shaped filters.  I didn't know this, but the filter paper is very important in determining how your coffee tastes.  Who wants to spend the time making your coffee just for it to come out bitter and awful?  This dripper simply uses the filter and of course, the amount of ground coffee you want to use, then you slowly pour in hot water.  After the first couple spiral pours you stop to let your coffee “bloom”, then you continue until you have the coffee of your choice.  I love this dripper because it's easy to use and I can take it anywhere with me!

Galenic Body Wash

This body wash is made of essential oils and we all know by now that these are great for our skin.  It doesn't have a strong scent (which I like) but it does have a cooling effect.  I believe that's the Tea Tree Oil that creates this feeling.  If you want to use something that wakes you up in the morning, this is the body wash for you.  I love how gentle it is no matter where I use it.

Arte Wellness Immunity Drinks

The defend and recover immunity drinks are awesome to use as a prevention to getting sick.  They're loaded with things like zinc, ginger, cardamom seeds, and lemon.  That's the defend bottle and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was.  The bottle of recover has apple, ginger, lion's mane, and zinc to fight off any virus that dares come near you!

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