Would You Like To Give The Gift Of Beverage Perfection? Keep Reading To Find Out How

What is the best thing about a beverage, especially in the summer?  I believe it's the temperature of your drink!  Imagine drinking a freezing, cold glass of tea.  If that's not your “cup of tea”, then how about soda, or wine, beer, maybe a little Koolaid?  Whatever you want, Drink Perfection has it.  They sent me my very own Drink Perfector.  When you make hot coffee, would you like it cooled to your liking?  Would you rather have iced coffee, but don't want to wait for it to cool down?  This invention is amazing.  This is the gift you're looking for!

Change The Temperature And Make Beverage Perfection

Whether you're pouring wine, hot beverages, bourbon, or iced coffee/tea (or whatever else you can think of), you no longer have to worry about what temperature it needs to be at.  Drink Perfection takes the guesswork out of the equation!  See, the Perfector itself (the pitcher) has a round copper coil inside.  This is what changes the temperature of your drink.  You don't fill up the pitcher with liquid, you'll only use that for the ice.  Then you simply pour your choice of drink into the reservoir.  The liquid flows through the coils while cooling it to certain temps, depending on the amount of ice you use.  Oh, don't forget to put your cup on the bottom where the beverage will be coming out!

Even if you decide not to use ice, your drink will still cool approximately 15-20 degrees.  A Perfector full of ice will decrease the temperature by an unbelievable 35-40 degrees!   Pretty amazing, am I right?  Apparently, using this fantastic invention will give you a whole new flavor of bourbon.  The only other way to truly appreciate the flavor of it was to put ice inside your glass.  Unfortunately, that can change the taste completely.  I hope you try it out.  Please, let me know what you thought.

A Beautiful Way To Celebrate!

The holidays are right around the corner, so in order to celebrate appropriately, let's drink to Drink Perfection!  Get your favorite person in your life their very own Perfector and possibly one for yourself.  You have to try red wine in it!  It's absolutely amazing.

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