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A Gift Of Plant-Based Nutrition

Give The Gift Of Plant-Based Nutrition – These Muffins Will Make Your “Muffin” Happy!

If you have a loved one that is trying to stay healthy and watch their nutrition, these muffins would be the perfect fit for them.  Even if you're not trying to stay in shape, these taste good enough that anyone will want to devour them.  Lehi Mills has sent me their Vegan Raspberry Muffin Mix (Plant-based).   I've tasted their vegan pancakes and brownies and they were awesome.  I'm not one for “healthy” food because I like the taste of goodness!  However, this time, you won't have to compromise taste for nutrition.  I was going to add some blueberries to my mix, but I decided to try it just the way it came.  I wasn't disappointed!

Lehi Mills Raspberry Muffin Plant-based

Nutrition And Plant-Based In A Fluffy Muffin

As I made these yummy muffins, I thought about how easy they were to make, but also how fluffy they came out!  I have to be honest, that surprised me.  I thought that in order to make something rise and become fluffy you had to add in ingredients that aren't so “nutrition-friendly”.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  Honestly, the only thing you have to add is vegetable oil and water.  How easy is that?  I'm no baker, so this made me very happy.  I didn't even have to use a mixer, because I simply used a spatula and folded the batter.  There were no lumps or problems at all.  If this is the way baking is with Lehi Mills, sign me up!

Lehi Mills Raspberry Muffin Plant-based

Valentine's Muffins

Imagine waking up on Valentine's Day early, you know, before your significant other wakes up.  You create these easy muffins and as she/he smells the amazing aroma coming from the kitchen, they'll be awakened ever so gently.  Not to mention, have the coffee brewing too.  Do you know how many “brownie” or muffin points you are going to get for making these?  Your love will never forget that you got up early and made them something special.  What a wonderful way to say you love them.  Your welcome!

This vegan recipe is 100% plant-based for anyone that is watching their nutrition.  Well, it's also for anyone that isn't too.  By the way, my Mom is 81 years young and she hates anything that is called “healthy”.  She absolutely loved these muffins!

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