Body butters. They are something I love to have on hand at all times. With winter weather upon us, in my household, our skin gets dry and itchy very easily. So, I try to apply body butter or thick lotion to my skin after every shower. And, even if you don't have cold weather outside right now, body butter is still a wonderful thing to use to care for and pamper your skin. And, have I got a recommendation for you!  It's called This Stuff Goes Bad. And, no, I'm not kidding. That's the name of the product.  And, it comes in Day or Night. And, yes, you heard correctly: Day & Night!

I think after hearing the name of the brand and the names of their products, you're beginning to get a general impression that this company keeps it simple. And, yes, they keep it simple in a good way. They believe in making products that don't contain harmful chemicals or preservatives. In fact, their body butters have the shortest list of ingredients I've ever seen on a lotion or body butter package!

What's Inside Day & Night?

The Day contains: shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, zinc oxide, blood orange essential oil and lemon essential oil. That's about as simple as it can get. The Night contains: shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, lavender essential oil, and chamomile essential oil. So, both products are filled with wonderful ingredients that all serve a purpose to help nourish and care for your skin and you!
What's up with the name This Stuff Goes Bad? Well, since these products aren't made with preservatives, they will go bad eventually. Visit the company's website to find suggestions of how to preserve the butters as long as possible. They are simple suggestions, so it isn't complicated or a pain to help preserve the butters' freshness.

What I Think Of Day & Night Body Butters

I love, love, love both Day and Night!!  I love them for the following many reasons. They are made with no preservatives. They're made with wonderful ingredients. And, I love that they're thick in consistency and truly moisturize your skin. And, I love that they are both individualized for the needs of the time of day. For example, Day contains zinc oxide to provide “constant protection from the sun” (quote from product website). And, Night contains lavender and chamomile essential oils to help you relax in the evening and night when so many of us need to relax. Night also contains “rosehip seed oil (which) helps reduce the appearance of scars and acne” (quote from product website). So, if you put Night on at night, it has all night to help those scars and acne.

The consistency of both butters is like a thick whipped butter. They both rub in nicely. They also both smell very nice. Day has sort of a light cocoa smell (I'm guessing from the cocoa butter). The Night smells like lavender and is truly delighful!

Give A Gift Of Stuff That Goes Bad

This Stuff Goes Bad would make a wonderful holiday gift for many!  It's a gift that pampers the ones you love! Your gift recipient may be a little confused when they see the box and the label “this stuff goes bad,” but once they open the box and see what they have been given, I think they'll much appreciate it and love you for it.  Visit the website for This Stuff Goes Bad. You can purchase Day and Night separately or they also come together as a sample pack. Check them out! These body butters are truly high quality (and that's coming from someone that buys a lot of lotion and body butters). Happy holidays to you all!

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This Stuff Goes Bad body butters are high-quality, preservative-free skin products that your skin (and you) will love!

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