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A Girly Girl Duffel Bag

If You're A Girly Girl You'll Love This Beautiful Pink Camo Duffel Bag

I've always been a tomboy at heart but there are times when I want to feel more feminine.  You know, like a girly girl!  I go out of town and stay at my sister's cabin/farm and help out so I needed a good tote or duffel bag.  However, I got hooked up with the best girly girl duffel bag from Kinsey Rhea.  They sent me their vibrantly colored Kinsey Rhea Muddy Girl Duffel Bag With Outside Pocket.  For years  I've loved the green camo look but to me it was too manly.  That's why I really like the pink camo on this bag because it's a little more feminine making me feel womanly.  It can be used for various occasions, but what a great idea for a teen or pre-teen gift!

Lots Of Room With This Duffel Bag

Not only is this bag gorgeous, but it also has tons of room.  There are pockets on the outside and inside, plus there's a nice big strap included.  This bag measures 19″x10″x11″ and when I say it's roomy, I mean it!  The top unzips and opens up to a large compartment for clothing, shoes, hunting equipment, etc. It can hold almost anything you need.  As a matter of fact, you can even use this as a carry on bag when traveling by plane.  As I said earlier, I'll be using it to travel by car but it's nice because my small laptop will even fit inside.  You can pile in books, tablets, phones, and whatever else you need.  This pink camo has some little purple and white paint streaks which make it even more trendy.   Any girl would love to use this as their special duffel bag.

As I'm sure you can imagine this girly bag can also be used as a gun range bag or even just going to the gym.  No matter how you decide to use it you'll be the center of attention.  It's made of a sturdy material and it's 19″ in length.  Show your individuality and femininity while carrying around this stunning carryall.

What A Great Gift Idea

This, along with the other products on their website, would make great gifts for all women.  Not only women, but teens and pre-teens would love to show this off at school.  My granddaughter is 9-years-old and I know when she sees this she's going to try and steal it from me.  Nana will have to think about it!

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