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A Groovy Glowing Candy Lab

Here's A Groovy, Glowing Candy Lab For Those “Hard To Buy For” Kids

What kid doesn't absolutely love candy?  Now, how many of those wouldn't love to make their very own candy?  Pretty much all of them, right?  Ok, now let's throw in making glowing candy plus you get a black light with the kit to see it glow.  This Groovy Glowing Candy Lab by Thames & Kosmos is one of the most entertaining kits I've seen.  Not only will they have a blast making their own gummy candy, but they'll also learn a thing or two.  My granddaughter just turned 9 years old and she is going to love this!  I'm lucky that she's not hard to buy for, but this would be perfect for those that are.  This could be a great bonding activity for child and adult or just a supervised project for the kids.

Candy Lab That Teaches You Science

This amazing kit will teach science to your children like never before.  They'll learn about chemistry, glowing materials, and different pigments.  Not only that, but they'll also learn about electromagnetic waves plus this kit includes everything needed for groovy gummy candy, hard candy, and sweet ice cubes that glow in the dark with the included black light!  The yummy flavors are fruit punch and tropical pineapple, which, to be honest, are my absolute favorite.

While these excited kids make their own fun you can smile because they're not only having a blast, they're learning science.  This STEM activity also teaches lessons in mixtures, solutions, and luminescence.  This activity is for ages 6 and above and it comes with 5 different experiments.  It obviously comes with instructions to make the fun that much easier.  I stood by and helped my 9 year-old and 3-year old granddaughters make these.  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the glowing part because my camera was acting up!

If you're not in the market for candy making fun you can check out Thames & Kosmos for many other kits.  Everything on their website will give kids hours of enjoyment and keep them busy with important learning.  Even though they'll think they're just having fun you'll know that they are learning lessons.

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