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If you are thinking of having your teeth straightened using the Invisalign corrective device, keeping the tray clean is of utmost importance. The special plastic tray is typically replaced by the dentist at regular intervals, and it is vital that you keep the tray clean when using it. If you are soon to be undergoing treatment that uses Invisalign trays, here is a guide to keeping them clean.


Deep Cleansing Methods


You can immerse your Invisalign tray in a denture cleaning solution, or another good way to deep clean is to mix hydrogen peroxide with water (equal mix) and simply immerse the device. Vinegar is also a good solution to clean the tray, and by gently brushing with a toothbrush, you should be able to remove all bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide might remove stains, but it is not effective at removing plaque, however, immersing the device in some denture cleaner will render it clean and free from bacteria.  Besides cleaning your invisalign regularly, you'll need to go for regular checkups. Simply head over to if you're looking for a reputable dentist for your checkups.


Removing Stains


Your Invisalign corrective tray can easily become stained; red wine and coffee can discolour the tray, which doesn’t look nice, so regular rinsing whenever you consume foods that might stain the tray is advised. If the device does get stained, you can use a toothbrush and a little toothpaste and gently brush the device until it is clean. There is a step by step process for cleaning your Invisalign tray that you can find online.


Avoid Hot Water



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Invisalign trays are made from plastic and hot water could cause the tray to warp or bend, which will render the tray useless. Cold water is ideal for rinsing your tray, and you should rinse the device after every meal, while it is advisable to remove the tray prior to eating. If you would like to know more about this innovative teeth straightening device, you can have Invisalign treatment at Sailors Bay Dentistry, who are specialists in all forms of cosmetic dentistry. While it might be tempting not to wear the tray while sleeping, it is not advisable, as this will lengthen the amount of time the device must be worn to achieve the goal.


Correct Storage


Whenever the tray is not being worn, it should always be kept in the special plastic tray that your dentist provided, and every time you remove the device, it should be rinsed in water before wearing. In the event the tray is damaged in some way, your dentist might request that you use one the previous trays until you can get a replacement, or he might tell you to come and see him to have a new tray molded.



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Like any other oral device, it is essential that your Invisalign corrective tray is cleaned on a regular basis, and by following the instructions of your dentist, you will get the maximum benefit from the treatment and the end result will be a nicer smile. If you clean the Invisalign tray as often as you brush your teeth, you can’t really go wrong.

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