It is perhaps a mother's greatest fear that her children will evolve into an absolute monsters, stamping their feet and screaming whenever things do not go their way. If you would like your children to be well behaved and polite, it isn't a difficult thing to achieve. Children pay little attention to what they hear and a lot more to what they see. This means you should model the kind of behaviour you expect from your children. Avoid shows of emotion when in the presence of your kids and always speak with a polite, soft tone. Shouting is something that will be replicated, so bear this in mind and make every effort to remain calm. Torquay early learning can help get them ready for the best school days in the future.


Reward Good Behaviour


Rather than scolding the children when they do something wrong, adopt a positive approach and praise them when they get it right. This actively promotes good behaviour as it is instinctive for a child to want to please their parents. If you are looking for a suitable day care centre in Sydney, check out where your child can learn in a safe and caring environment.


Be Your Child's Best Friend


While it is instinctive to be protective, children respond better when they are approached on their own level and by being non-judgemental on many issues, the children will learn to feel relaxed in the presence of their parents. For some helpful advice on disciplining a child with behavioural problems, there are articles available online for some further reading on the topic.


Be Firm


The close relationship between mother and her children empowers them to sense perfectly the mother’s mood and if she sometimes give in, this will be exploited to the full. Kids are masters of getting their own way and will push the boundaries whenever possible. As the mother, stick to your guns when negotiating and let the child know in no uncertain terms that you are only negotiable to a point, and consistency is the key here. It is important that when your child does have a temper tantrum, it does not produce results and regardless of the situation, it won't take long before the child abandons that approach.


Choose Your Battles Carefully


When a conflict emerges, you must decide whether or not you are going to stand your ground and if you do – make sure you stick to this. It is oh so easy to give in to a child's demands because you can't be bothered following through with your original promise of action, but you must show a degree of consistency in order to win the child over.


When communicating with your child, always keep things upbeat and positive and remember that praise when it’s due is a positive reinforcement of the behaviour you are encouraging and by focusing on the positive, there is less likelihood of conflict.


Children respond much better to positive input and with that always in mind, be reasonable, fair and above all, make sure your child understand wh

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