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A Healthy Nail Polish?

Is There A Polish Out There That’s Actually Healthy For Your Nails?  Yep, And I Have Found It!

Remember the days of polishing your nails with your favorite color all while plugging your nose because of the terrible smell?  Yes, those are the nasty chemicals that you’re smelling.  That can’t be good for your nails, am I right?  As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even use those on kids because they’re so bad.  However, I have recently found a vegan nail polish called, Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care and it’s amazing and even healthy.  Imagine a bunch of doctors putting in their own genius ideas for a better polish, because that’s what they did.  They sent me some amazing colors, including Tactful Turmeric that’s a vibrant orange color.  I’ll be using this color for Halloween in a couple of days!

A Healthy Nail Polish?

Polish That Catches Your Attention

Dr.’s Remedy offers many different nail polishes (including clear top and finishing coats).  As a matter of fact, they have so many colors to choose from you’ll find it hard to pick!  Another one of the favorites that they sent to me is this beautiful color named Passion Purple.  When I say this purple is vibrant, I mean it’s ridiculously electrifying!  When you wear this color you’ll catch people’s attention for sure.  The other colors they sent are Magnetic Midnight and Classic Cloud.  Are you seeing a pattern?  These colors are perfect for Halloween, which I plan to use to my full advantage.  I’m going to paint most of my nails the orange color, then add a few white dots, possibly a little ghost too.  Then I’ll also use the midnight color on a couple of other nails along with the purple.  I can’t wait to see the final product!

A Healthy Nail Polish?

The Holidays Are Coming

Well, even though Halloween is almost over, the holidays are coming up fast.  If you’re looking for a nail polish that’s actually good for your nails (even fungus nails!), then please go and check them out.

Remember when I said they only use healthy stuff in these vials?  Let me tell you, they use garlic bulb extract, tea tree oil, wheat protein, vitamins C and  E, and other good stuff.  Of course, it’s vegan, breathable, and UV protected.  There are no bad ingredients inside of these polishes.  I hope you feel better knowing that doctors came together to make something so healthy.

A Healthy Nail Polish?

By the way, I am certainly not a professional nail artist by any stretch of the imagination!  However, I did try.  Also, the shine in these pictures is just the polish, because I didn’t use any topcoat or even base coat.  Beautiful, right?

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