A Healthy Treat For Your Dog

A Healthy Treat You Can Give Your Dog Daily

Are you like me and want to give your dog treats galore?  However, I know it's not good for her, so I don't…but I want to!  Then, there's the begging for my people food with those darn big, brown eyes.  Obviously, animal owners love their pets and we certainly don't want to hurt their health When it comes to our pups, we should always take care of their diet to help them grow into strong, healthy dogs. One thing that we need to consider is that each breed has different nutritional requirements, and we should base each dog care on their specific needs, for example, there is german shepherd dog food for this particular breed. If we want to keep our dogs a part of our family for a long time, we should ensure that we give them a long and healthy life to live with the food and care that they require.  So, what do we do?  Well, I recently found the best “treat” for dogs!  It's good for them, but they won't know that.  Believe it or not, it's yogurt!  Yogi-Dog Yogurt is so healthy for your dog they can have it daily and they'll love it.  I love that they think they're getting goodies but it's actually making them healthier.  It takes the “mom-guilt” away because you're giving them something great.

A Healthy Treat For Your Dog

Yummy Treat Has Three Flavors

Whether your dog is picky or will eat anything, they'll love this yogurt.  The three flavors are cheddar cheese, original, and my dog's favorite, peanut-butter cream.  Yogi-Dog is lactose and sugar-free and helps with their digestive and immune systems.  Filled with probiotics and good bacteria, but still great tasting.  Imagine if people had to eat the same food every single day!  How boring would that get?  Giving this to your puppers will make them so happy!  Finally, something that tastes different and yummy.  As if all of that isn't enough, the yogurt is made with all-natural ingredients.  Nothing artificial in here.

A Healthy Treat For Your Dog


Is Your Dog Having Problems Eating?

My sister has a huge Great Dane that recently stopped eating.  Unfortunately, she was mourning the loss of her best buddy (another dog that passed away).  They had grown up together and suddenly, she was alone. Her best friend suffered some chronic disease and she was always there to comfort him during those painful times. Luckily, my neighbor got some calming treats from Karmapets.org we used to give him relieve the pain while he was alive.– I wish I would have known about this yogurt at that time, but I'm willing to bet it would've helped immensely!  Thankfully, she did begin eating again, it just took a little while.  Do you have a dog that won't eat?  I simply drizzled a little of this yogurt on top of my dog's food and she literally stood and ate it all in one sitting.  It makes you feel so good because you know it's healthy for them.

A Healthy Treat For Your Dog

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