Are you looking for that perfect Mothers Day, gift and have no idea what to get the one lady who is your whole life. How Fine Designs has a great collection of hearts, that can be personalized to meet your needs.
The perfect gift that will last, and she can cherish it for years to come.   From Jewelry to keychains, there is something for everyone and the person receiving this will be so happy.
This handmade silver jewelry will be a memorable keepsake that will make your Mother's Day.
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When I was growing up, I loved hearts anything that had to do with hearts. The most cherished heart is the one my dad gave me when I turned 16, its the heart and inside it says Daddy's Little Girl. that is the one thing I keep with me at all times since we lost our dad 14 years ago.


With Mothers Day coming up, do you have any idea of what you want to get her, our mom was so simple to things for, she wasn't really into jewelry, even though my sister had given her some she wore on occasion. She loved flowers and we always got her them, just because we loved her every day not just on special ones. wish she was still with us so I could have given her this beautiful gift I found.



For that special person in your life, the 1 is that one special piece that will cherish, forever. The perfect gift that they will have, with them where ever they go.  It's simple but yet unique and beautiful in person.



The love heart is so pretty in person, the heart is cut out and has a hand stamped love attached to it. Made of sterling silver and a great sterling silver chain. The hand stamped letting may vary.


Each individual keyring will be slightly different as they are made just for you.   I love sentimental gifts and this was perfect for my sister on Mothers Day.




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