A Historic Journey In A Book

This Book Tells Of A Company That Has Had Quite An Amazing Historic Journey! Read On To Learn Who It Is

Every company starts out as a small business and hopefully moves up into a huge one!  I'm pretty sure you've heard of the historic company, Coca-Cola, right?  Of course, you have!  Well, Larry Jorgensen was able to put their glorious rise into the words of a beautifully written book called The Coca-Cola Trail.  If you're interested in history at all, you'll most likely love it.  My favorite thing about this book is the ancient photos.  They date way back in the day and they will make you remember a simpler time.  If you have any questions about the rise of Coca-Cola, this book will explain it all.

A Historic Journey In A Book

Historic Products And A Book

So, not only did they send me the wonderful book, but they also sent a Coca-Cola scented candle and a jar of cola pepper jelly.  The candle is in the traditional Coca-Cola glass (just a bit smaller, but so cute!).  I was so excited that it actually smells just like the drink!  Now, let's talk about pepper jelly.  When I first saw what it was, I wasn't sure I'd like it.  I'm not into hot, spicy foods.  I'm here to tell you, folks, it's so good!  It has a nice sweet taste and then you get a small amount of warmth on your tongue.  It's so good on crackers.

A Historic Journey In A Book

Back To The Book

Remember that song in the old Coca-Cola commercial?  C'mon, you know the one “I'd like to teach the world to sing” and you know the rest too.  Every time I heard that song it brought back the old memories of sitting around with friends and sharing a Coke.  How about you?  Well, whether you're a history buff or just someone that loves Coke, you will love reading this book.  It literally takes you around the world to the different places that they started and ended in.  You'll meet the people that helped make it successful too.

A Historic Journey In A Book

If you have a special person on your holiday list, this is the perfect gift for them!  What a unique item to give them instead of the same old thing.  They have other products to offer too!

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