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A Lavender-Scented Bunny

How Would Your Little One Like A Lavender-Scented Bunny To Sleep With?  That's Not All These Cute Little Bundles Offer

Valentine's Day is only 3 days away, so what do you get your little ones?  Nobody really wants to pump your kids full of candy because who wants to deal with a sugar-filled child?  I know I don't!  However, what if I told you about a lavender-scented bunny that even includes a heating pack.  Is there anything better than hugging a soft, fluffy, loveable, warm bunny while you fall asleep?  Don't forget the amazing smell of lavender that automatically tells your body to relax.  You would think that's all it has to offer, but you'd be wrong.  It also has a rechargeable light-up heart that glows in the dark after being put in direct sunlight.  Any child would absolutely love to fall asleep with this sweetheart!  Heck, I would even love it.

Lavender Life is a company that makes these sweet therapy animals along with other items.  The animal they sent to me is Xander Bunny-Lavender Comfort Therapy Animal.  They also have a dog and so many other products to choose from.  Things like candles, essential oils, diffusers, room sprays, salts and scrubs, and so many others!  If you're interested in anything that calms your mood, please look into Lavender Life because they have so much to offer.

Lavender To Help Sleep

Xander Bunny, as I mentioned earlier, is the softest stuffed animal I've ever squeezed.  One of the reasons I'm really excited about receiving this is because my 3-year-old granddaughter has terrible problems sleeping.  She's even seeing a sleep specialist soon.  I can't wait to give this to her to see if it gives her and Mom any relief of her insomnia.  Her poor Mom suffers so much because of this it's even getting hard to her to get up for work in the morning.  I don't expect this bunny to fix it all, but hopefully, it can help some.  The lack of sleep is hurting my granddaughter too, I'm assuming.  Cross your fingers that this can help, at least a little.

What Does The Bunny Come With?

Your Xander Bunny will come with a beautiful gift box (if you choose this, it's a little extra) and you'll get this sweet little bunny.  Xander has a nice sized pack in his/her tummy that is filled with Michigan Cherry Stones and Lavender flowers that smell amazing!  This is what you use to heat up or cool down, depending on what you would enjoy at the time.  The little glow-in-the-dark heart is located on Xander's left foot.  I was looking at its chest thinking “mine didn't come with a heart!”.  You can hand wash your bunny to keep it fluffy and clean and it's been tested for the safety of your children.  There are so many extra's that you can choose when ordering your own bunny or dog, you just have to go see for yourself!

Order your little one their very own bunny or dog for Valentine's Day this year.  You can even purchase clothing for them.  However, that's not the best part!  For every bunny that is purchased a child in foster care receives one too!

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