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A Lover’s Bundle For Him/Her

Since Valentine's Day Is Around The Corner, Give Your Sweetheart This Lover's Bundle

I know Valentine's Day has always been about giving flowers and candy, but I know I get tired of that and I'm sure you do too. So what can a person give to their sweetheart that will show their love?  Well, The Healing Rose has this amazing Lovers' Valentine's Day Bundle that will take him/her breath away!  It's time to get back to touching each other with massages and kisses, no matter how long you've been together.  Remember the days of dating and you couldn't keep your hands off of one another?  Let's get back to that!  This bundle will entice you with its massage oil, yummy lip balm, and many other items that say “I love you”.

What Is Included In The Lovers' Valentine's Day Bundle?

Oh boy, wait until you see all of the delicious products you receive with this bundle.  When you purchase your very own, you'll receive Lavender Massage Body Oil (4oz. 500mg CBD), Fortify & Renew Bath Soak (300 mg CBD), Goddess Revival Bath Soak (300mg CBD), Relax & Restore Roll-on Oil (100mg CBD), Orange Lavender with Chamomile Herbal Mini Salve (35mg CBD), Blood Orange Mint Limited Edition Lip Balm (25mg CBD), Orange Lavender with Chamomile Lip Balm (25mg CBD), The Healing Rose Sticker Pack, and last but not least, The Healing Rose car/refrigerator magnet.  That's a mouthful!

The products are made with the highest quality CBD ingredients and I promise, they're worth the money.  I've used their oils and bath soaks before and I absolutely love them.  The bath soak scent is out of this world.  I opened one of the bags and honestly, it took my breath away.  I cannot wait to soak in it because, not only does it smell awesome, but the CBD will give you such a relaxing feeling you won't want to get out.

Hopefully, you have a Valentine this year, but if you don't (like me) you can treat yourself.  Who said you can't love yourself and buy something?  I say go for it and enjoy this day on your own because I know I will.  No longer will I sit at home being sad because I don't have anyone to love.  I have myself!

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