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A Sensory Toy Experience

These Sensory Toys Give Kids Different Textures To Play With

My granddaughters have always loved the toys I bring them. I've noticed lately that the youngest (now 5 years old) will only play with certain textures. This is a possible sign of Autism, but she hasn't been tested yet. I'm so excited that DoodleJamz sent us their box of fun sensory toys because she loves them. The first time she squished the beads she got this look in her eyes and said “Nana, it feels so good!”. That's priceless.

Regardless of whether you have an Autistic child or not, all children will love these cool toys. Not only does it feel great to squish the gooey jelly-like substance, but it's equally enjoyable to knead the beads into a picture. It's kind of like when a kid sees a button they have to push it. They get their hands on these sensory toys and they have to squeeze and squish them. I dare you to stop yourself!

Take Them On The Go

The sensory toys they sent to me were their DoodleJamz BrightBoard and the GooToobz – Squishy Tubes. The BrightBoard is a board that is filled with gel and beads. It also comes with a small utensil you can use or just get in there with your hands. It's completely non-toxic and mess-free! Instead of staring at a tablet screen, give them a BrightBoard and watch their imagination go wild. They can make their own creations, plus they can be taken on the go. Want to share them with your friends? Take them with you!

The GooToobz are squishy tubes filled with colorful goo, glitter, and beads. They're so much fun to squeeze between your fingers. These are also non-toxic and mess-free. I happen to suffer from anxiety and it feels so nice to fidget with these little things. It would even be great to have one or two of these at work. Forget the kids, get some for the adults in your life or yourself!

DoodleJamz and GooToobz would be fantastic to have in the classroom. Imagine how much kids would love to play and learn with these toys. You can order your own on Amazon or by clicking on the links I've provided.

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