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A Sexy Conversation Game

Do You Want To Play A Sexy Conversation Game? This One Is A Little Risque, But Fun For Adults!

Whether you are with your significant other or a group of people, a conversation is essential.  It’s the one thing that we all need to continue getting to know one another.  It’s also very awkward without it.  So how do you get the conversing started?  Well, you can take a risk and get The Conversation Game – Love & Relationships After Dark.  With this crazy game, you’ll want to play with 2-8 players.  It gets a little sexy when drawing a card and reading it, especially if that person is somewhat of a prude.  You may want to only ask those people you know who are willing to dive into topics that are sexual and raw.  Otherwise, they’re going to be quite embarrassed.  So, don’t invite grandma!  Well, unless she’s a dirty old woman.

Reading The Sexy Cards

This game doesn’t have any set rules because they want you to create them as you go.  It’s more fun that way!  You’ll make it really interesting by adding a small amount of alcohol if it’s “in the cards”.  So, what do the cards ask?  Well, there are 3 categories, which are Question & Answer, Statement & Reaction, and Open Discussion.  Some of the actual cards say things like “how much is too much sex?”, “what foods should be used for sexual pleasure?”, and many others that I don’t want to say.  I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.  Trust me when I say that they get very risque.

Conversation Is Great For A Relationship

If you ask anyone, most will say that conversation is the most important part of any relationship.  I’d have to agree, but unfortunately, I’m divorced.  My ex-husband and I couldn’t talk about anything.  We would just walk away and let it go until next time.  That’s not a good idea and I’m speaking from experience!  This game can help you talk about certain topics that you might not be brave enough to bring up.  If someone you know needs a little courage, this would make a perfect stocking stuffer this year!

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