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A Silly Toy Anyone Will Love

These Toys Are Silly That Anyone Will Love To Play With – Plus, They're Safe!

Are you and your kids bored and ready for some safe fun?  Well, I have a silly toy that you will all truly enjoy playing with.  It's safe and fun, plus the kids can finally “shoot” at things inside.  What am I talking about?  Hog Wild Toys sent me their cute Penguin Popper that shoots out soft foam balls.  You can find it pretty much anywhere, but I'll leave a link down below for Amazon and Zulily if you're interested.  These shooters create so much excitement, especially when little ones figure out how to use them.  My granddaughter had a blast shooting down little figurines I set up for her.  She was actually giddy because she was doing it herself.  They're so easy to use, even for toddlers.

Get As Silly As The Kids

When we adults get down on the floor and show kids that we can be as silly as them, they absolutely love it.  Every single time I play with my granddaughters and get down on their level, they feel like I'm one of them.  Heck, sometimes I feel like I am.  Other than the sore muscles!  Kids crave for parents and others to just spend time with them.  That is priceless and I always give my grandkids time.  I get silly and loud just as they do.  We have so much fun and they get excited to hear that I'm coming to visit.  When my children were little I would take them to the park and play as they would.  We would pretend that there was a monster coming after us and we had to run away!  They (and I) will always have that as a cherished memory.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so give your kids the gift of fun.  Not only purchase them their own shooter but play with them too.  There are many different types of shooters to choose from, so if they're not interested in a penguin, don't worry, they have many more!

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