A "Snarky" Way To Serve

A “Snarky” Serving Tray To Tell How You're Really Feeling

Sometimes us parents like to make it seem as if we have everything under control.  Some of us even make it look good!  However, we all know that deep down we're one step away from losing it and becoming snarky.  I honestly think that, in a nutshell, is parenting!  So how do we share with everyone that we don't have it together?  Well, I have one way…the Serving Snark.  If you like sarcasm (which, if you're an adult, I'm sure you do) you'll love these serving trays.  The one that they sent to me says “I can't adult today”.  How perfect is that?  Now you can sit with your cup of wine (or bottle, no judgment) while eating a snack with your tray.  You can also use it to serve guests or as something hard to fill out forms!  Use it as you will.

A "Snarky" Way To Serve

So You're Not A Parent?

That's ok too.  This beautiful tray can be used by anyone.  We know, as women, we all have those “off” days.  The days where nobody can do anything right.  Are you following me?  This tray is perfect for this!  If you're a woman in 2019 and you're not a little snarky, there may be a problem.  Haha, I'm only kidding.  But, I'm pretty sure that no matter who you are, you can benefit from using this tray.  Even if you wouldn't like to own one yourself, they make a great gift.  Especially for a house-warming party.  I'm sure you have friends that can get snarky.  I mean, as I said earlier, can't we all?  It's just funny to put your “dirty laundry” out there for all to see.  It also makes others feel like they're not alone.

A "Snarky" Way To Serve

Nobody Is Perfect

Whether you're a parent, or a single person living life to the fullest, you can enjoy this tray.  It's all about letting everyone know you're not perfect.  Nobody is!  We all try and live our lives like we don't have faults, but we know we all do.  No matter who you are we all have problems and days that just don't go well.  This tray will show others that it's ok.  It's truly ok to be “normal”.

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A "Snarky" Way To Serve

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