A ping pong table is a valuable investment. When you buy it, you should try to maintain it well, to ensure its longevity and to minimize its exposure to damage. One of the best ways to preserve a ping pong table is by observing regular cleaning. The table will get dirty occasionally, whether you use it indoors or outdoors. 

Cleaning not only enhances the durability of the table but also protects the players. Ping pong tables are quite delicate, which means that care must be taken when cleaning. Luckily, there are many ways of cleaning the table, and you may find more info here on the best cleaning methods which do not expose the table to harmful chemicals. If you are not sure of the best cleanser to use, seek help from commercial cleaning services.

Here is a step by step guide to cleaning a ping pong table.

Step 1: Gather the things you will need

The initial step is to gather the set of materials that you will need throughout the process. If they are all kept ready to hand this will make life easier for you and help you save time in the process. Here are the essential things that you might require:

  • Soft cloth piece – you will use it to wipe or mop the table surface.
  • Warm water – make it lukewarm to remove the dust particles more effectively.
  • Cleaning agent – an excellent cleaning agent will remove the sticky elements from the table. Ensure that the agent is not too harsh to avoid damaging the surface of the table.
  • A bowl – you will use it occasionally to dip your cloth when wiping.
  • Screwdriver – it will help you in unscrewing the table to wash every part of the table.
  • Vinegar – it removes the toxic materials on the surface better.
  • Lubricant – you will apply it to the top of the table to leave it smoother for playing.

Add a small portion of the vinegar and the cleaning agent into the water. Mix them well until they thoroughly blend. 

Step 2: Uncover the table

Most ping pong tables are kept covered to avoid the direct exposure of the dirt and germs. To clean, you must remove that net to gain access to the whole surface of the table. Remove the net carefully, especially if it has accumulated a lot of dust.

Step 3: Clean the surface

Use your soft cloth to wipe the surface first to remove the excess dirt particles. After that, dip the fabric into your cleaning water. Use it to clean all the corners of the table. As earlier mentioned, the table is quite delicate, and you should, therefore, be gentle. When done, dip the rag into the water again and wipe once more to remove the excess vinegar. Repeat the process until all the parts of the table are clean. As you wash, avoid getting the table too wet because the excess moisture can damage some parts of your expensive tennis table. Leave the table to dry when you are done with the cleaning.

Step 4: Clean the net

Do not forget to clean the net which you removed before washing the table surface. That net is still very dirty, and it would make no sense to clean the tables’ surface and leave it unattended. Do not soak it in the water you have used, because the chances are that it’s still dirty. Dip it in lukewarm water, and add the best detergents you have. Fifteen minutes are enough to soak it and to wash it. After that, sun- dry it for around 30 minutes until dry. You don’t have to wash the net every time you are cleaning the table, but you can clean it every three months.

Step 5: Cover your table again

Your ping pong table is now clean, and this means that you can reinstall it. You can also use your lubricant at this stage to oil the metallic parts of the table. The grease smoothens the fixing process, and also, enhances the durability of the table. Protect your ping pong paddles too. 

A single cleaning won’t keep your ping pong table clean and fresh all through the year. You can save the time you spend on the deep cleaning by wiping it with clean water every time after using it.  When you finish cleaning, spray the cleaning detergent and rub it softly. Educate your kids and the other table tennis users on the importance of keeping the table clean. In this way, you will maintain the beautiful appearance of your table, and reduce the chances of getting infections after using the table.

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