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A Step By Step Guide To Teach Your Child How To Ride A Bike

Teaching your children how to ride a bike can be an incredibly fun experience. But it can also be quite challenging. It all depends on how much patience you have and whether you’re ready to deal with the little issues that crop up. For instance, it’s not fun if you’re child falls off the first time and it can be a nightmare getting them back on. That’s why I think this post will help. Here, you will find a step by step guide on teaching your child to ride. Hopefully, you’ll find my nuggets of past wisdom a great benefit.


Step 1: Start Early


The biggest part of learning to ride a bike is getting used to balancing. Problems with balance is what causes children to fall off. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to let them learn how to ride in stages. Instead of starting them off on a proper bike, there is a different bike you can get. The best balance bike helps a child do just that, balance. It cuts away all the other parts of riding and lets them focus on staying upright. A balance bike can be useful in three situations. Either you are starting your kids off quite young when learning how to ride. Or, your child is having difficulty getting to grips with riding. Or, your child has a problem that stops them from keeping balance. You can see from an earlier post I had this problem with my son. A balance bike had him riding in no time.


Step 2: Choosing The Bike


When you choose a proper bike, keep in mind that they aren’t going to have it for that long. A child's first bike is only used for a couple of years before they grow out of it. That’s why I don’t recommend buying one that is expensive. Just make sure it's a colour that they like. I also don’t recommend hand me downs. Giving your child a hand me down bike is the easiest way to accidentally give them one that’s too big for them,


Step 3: Teaching Them To Ride


Once you’ve got the bike, you’ll have to teach them how to ride it. No matter how much trouble they are having with this, do not be tempted to put on stabilizers. You’re just making the learning curve longer, and that’s not what you want. Ideally, you want them to learn how to ride in under an hour and they will. You just have to give them a lot of confidence and guide them.


Step 4: Guiding Your Child


When teaching your child how to ride it’s important that you offer guidance and not control. You should not hold on to the handlebars as this will stop them having to balance. Instead hold on to the back of the seat and slowly easy off your grip. Once you think they have got it let go completely but try to keep up with them. It’s better you’re still there even when they are riding independently. That way, you can prevent a fall.


I hope you found this post useful. Have fun teaching your own child how to ride


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