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A Strong, Quality Hemp Oil

Are You Tired Of Using Hemp Oil And Not Getting Any Relief? Try This Strong, Quality Oil To Help Those Aches And Pains (Along With Other Benefits)

I have used so many different CBD products from many companies, but they're not all the same.  See, some companies jump into the CBD pool to make easy money, but unfortunately, that isn't going to help you.  You need someone that is willing to extract a strong oil from quality plants from start to finish.  Workmans Relief sent me their CBD Oil Tincture – 3000MG (broad spectrum) and I've been using it before bedtime every night now for the last week.  I have noticed a little more relaxation but I believe I need to stay on it for more benefits.  I'm excited to see what else I notice!

Quality Vs. Quantity For Strong Oil

I would rather have a little bottle of quality hemp oil instead of a big bottle of low potency oil, wouldn't you?  The hemp oil that they sent to me is 1 ounce and you can decide how much to use.  As I said earlier, the bottle has 3000MG in it, but each dropper full (or 1ML) is 100MG.  I take 2 ML's before bed each night, but you can decide what you need.  Every single person is different, just like taking medications.  Everyone has their own reaction depending on their weight, tolerance, and other factors.

This hemp oil has a great taste, which is nice compared to other oils that I've tasted.  It has a peppermint flavor that is not overpowering.  You simply use the included dropper and drop the desired amount under your tongue.  I wait for 60 seconds and then I swallow it.  If you're sensitive to that you can drink something right afterwards.  I promise it's not a bad taste though.

Great Benefits From A Quality Grown Product

Since quality is so important to Workmans Relief, their products are free of all synthetic additives and preservatives.  It is vegan, gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, and peanut-free.  This is especially wonderful for anyone dealing with sensitivities or allergies.  Their hemp is USDA Wisconsin grown and as you can see, they care about you!

So what does CBD do for you?  Well, the benefits are endless, but some of them consist of a calming or relaxing feeling (which anyone can use!).  I suffer from anxiety so this is important for me.  There's also pain relief, help for anxiety and depression, help with cancer symptoms, and so many more.  We're just starting to understand all of the good hemp oil can do to our working bodies.

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