A Toddler Holiday Dress

Get Your Toddler A Pretty Holiday Dress They'll Want To Wear For Years To Come

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are coming!  I'm certainly not ready for them, but whether I like it or not, they'll be here before we know it.  I have 2 precious granddaughters, so when Feltman Brothers sent me this beautiful Short Sleeve Holiday Pearl Flower Holiday Dress for the youngest one, I couldn't wait to give it to her!  She is almost 3 years old and she wears a 2T, possibly 3T.  Luckily, I asked for the smaller one because it was actually a little big on her.  Of course, that didn't matter to her.  She immediately began to twirl around after putting it on.  It was so sweet and I guess I can assume that she loved it.

A Toddler Holiday Dress

A Dress She'll Love

Obviously, not all little girls like dresses.  However, for the ones that do, you have to go and check this company out!  Oh, and by the way, they have many other products other than dresses to choose from.  They also have boys' clothing too.  As a matter of fact, this Color Block Knit Set is one of my favorites and it can be worn by both girl or boy!  Please check it out.  If your little girl isn't into dresses, again, they have other clothing for her.  This is another one that I love for girls.  The Scalloped Contrast-Trim Knit Set is so beautiful!

A Toddler Holiday Dress

The Happiness Of A Toddler

My granddaughter really did freak out when I first showed her the holiday dress.  She put it on, and I said earlier, she immediately began twirling.  She was so excited!  I like that it was so comfortable that she actually didn't want to take it off.  That was a whole ordeal on its own!  She wanted to wear it to bed if I would've let her.  I really like that it has short sleeves because, for some reason, longer sleeves bother her.  Another amazing thing about this dress is that it has hand-embroidered flowers and leaves on the cuffs, around the collar, and around the hem all in holiday colors.  It also has a scalloped design along with amazing Feltman Brothers quality.

A Toddler Holiday Dress

The holidays are just around the corner, so please don't forget to purchase your very own clothing!  They have many more items to choose from, so go and check out their website by clicking on the links I've provided.

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