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A Very Manly Bouquet

If You're Looking For A Unique Father's Day Gift You Need To Give Him A Manly Bouquet!

Men seem to be so hard to buy for, at least they are in my experience.  No matter how hard I tried to surprise my kids' Dad, it just never made the impression that I wanted.  Well, the Manly Man Co. sent me this amazingly unique Beef Jerky “Flower” Bouquet.  This thing even comes in a vase that can be used as a beer drinking glass.  I think this time I will get the impression and excitement that I've been looking for!  His reaction should be priceless.

Lots Of Manly Gifts

If beef jerky isn't your man's “thing”, don't you worry your pretty little head.  The Manly Man Co. has so many other products to choose from.  As a matter of fact, I'll bet you won't be able to just pick one.  They have bacon scented wrapping paper, bacon roses, and even a Dad Bacon Bouquet!  Of course, that's not all of your choices, but these are a few of the cool ones I picked.  If your guy does like beef jerky, you can get a message written into the jerky.  This is called a “Meat Card” if you can believe that.

I had to let you know about one more of their products that I think is so amazing.  They have Single Malt Scotch Caramels that any man would love to receive.  These have an “intoxicating” flavor, with no hangover (as they say on their website).  Not only that, but he will get 17-20 individually wrapped caramels that come inside a cool 5.5oz. tube.  If that doesn't say “I love you”, I'm not sure what will!

No longer do you need to give boring old gifts to Dad when the Manly Man Co. is around.  I have lots of links for you to go straight to their website and social media accounts.  Go and order your gifts before Father's Day is over!  He will certainly thank you for it.

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