I had never heard of cat grass until I was recently introduced to Perfect Plants' Cat Grass. And, I have to say I'm super happy I had the opportunity to try this product (and so is my cat)! Read on and you can learn more about Perfect Plants' Cat Grass and how you, your cat (and/or your dog) can benefit from this wonderful plant!

So, what exactly is this product? Cat grass from Perfect Plants is wheat grass and they get their grass seeds from a farm in Montana. To be more specific, they are actually red wheat grass seeds. Perfect Plants ensures their seeds are non-GMO, free of toxins, and produced without chemicals.

Super Easy To Grow

I'll preface the following by saying I'm horrible at growing plants of any kind—except for this cat grass. I planted my grass seeds and by day 3 they were already sprouting. A few days later, my grass crop was flourishing!! This literally was the easiest plant I've ever grown in my life!  And, the care is relatively minimal. I've only watered it a few times. The product's website said sunlight isn't even needed. I, however, did put mine in sunlight because I was worried I was going to fail…but I'm glad to say I didn't.

Wheatgrass Is a Superfood

Cat grass/wheat grass is considered a superfood by many. And, the benefits are amazing. It can help lower blood pressure and it “restores alkalinity to blood . . . (and it) fights tumors and neutralizes toxins,” (taken from and according to the Perfect Plants website). That's an amazing little plant!!

What's The Verdict On Taste?

Well, I can definitely say my kitty, Cookie, loves this grass. If you've ever seen a cat go crazy over catnip, well that's similar to how Cookie reacted to eating this grass. He loved it!  It was neat to see him really enjoy something so much. My dog (featured below) and my family also really enjoyed the taste, as well. So, I hope to incorporate it into my smoothies. In fact, I think I'll make a small crop for the pets and a separate small crop for us humans.

You can purchase Perfect Plants' Cat Grass from Amazon. A 1-pound bag currently sells for $11.99 (price subject to change). And, from my experience, that one bag will provide you with a lot of wheat grass!!  So, give it a try for you, your cat, and/or your dog!

I am not a medical nor veterinarian expert. The information in this post should not substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information in this post is for general informational purposes only.

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Perfect Plants' Cat Grass is easy to grow and yummy for kitty to eat!

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