Be a victim no more. Have you ever heard a victim say ” I expected this to happen to me”? No! Every night the news if filled with that day's violence. What you may not realize is that they are reporting on less than 5% of what actually happened that day. Have you ever seen a jogger packing a gun? Accord to police statistics you need at least 120 feet from your attacker to get your gun out, aim, and fire. Remember what Chris Sutton said? Attacks happen at arm's length.  The secret of My Defense Tool. It is designed to amplify your striking power. The tip concentrates all of your power into a small area just like a bullet or a nail.  My Defense Tool is so light and snug in your hand that it's easy to forget you're even wearing it. My Defense Tool is made of hard plastic and has no blades, so it's perfect for traveling. Be safe with My Defense Tool.

Thankfully, I haven't had to actually use it yet but I just feel more at peace and safer when I am out and around just knowing that I have this tool with me and that I know I will be able to defend myself if I have to. My kids and my husband even have one with them. It has become part of our hand now. We feel naked, like something is missing if we happen to forget and leave it at home. We definitely don't feel safe without it anymore.



My Defense Tool is to be used for justifiable self defense ONLY. It is intended to be used to escape imminent serious harm from a physical attack by an animal or human being. Use of My Defense Tool in any manner other than justifiable self defense may be unlawful under applicable law. You should familiarize yourself with applicable law regarding self defense.

My Defense Tool

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