Ok! I admit it. I don't know which one I will choose.  Everyone and I mean everyone on my gift list is getting a watch from here. And I love that I will eventually have a collection that I can choose a watch from. I am one that likes all my jewelry and accessories to match what I am wearing and now so can my watch. I just think this is the coolest thing.

And if I am lucky enough to be the one that wins the Rolex in June I am definitely giving it to my husband. He is the sole breadwinner in this household and I want to show him how much I and the kids love and appreciate all his hard work.

My kids are also really good kids in their own right. I think I will reward all three of them with a watch also. They are so many things along with working so a watch that is a good brand and they won't have to worry about it breaking as soon as they buy it would be a good thing. And this way they don't have to buy a new watch several times a year like we all have had to do in the past.

I think I good watch is a really good investment. We usually watch what we buy and how much we spend on certain items but I really think you shouldn't have to worry about a watch stopping or the band breaking. So, yes, this is going on my gift list for all my friends and family.


Watch Gang partners with watch makers all over the world to bring you new brands and styles every month.

You keep every watch and one member wins a Rolex every Friday.

All our watches are guaranteed to be worth more than your membership fee!

Choose the plan that fits you best: Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually (best deal). Cancel anytime.

We ship all packages on the 16th of each month. The 10th is the last day to order for the current month's watch.

Soon you'll have a great collection of watches from all around the world!

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