If you are an organized traveller, then the chances are that you are already planning your winter skiing break. If you are someone who skis regularly, you have most probably got a favorite skiing resort, am I right? However, I would recommend that if Vail isn’t your favorite resort, you should give it a try.


Of all the ski resorts in Colorado, Vail is one of the very best. The resort is amazing, there are activities for skiers of all abilities and ages, and the range of slopes on offer are fantastic. So whether you are a beginner skier or an advanced one, Vail is the perfect place for you and your family.


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Planning any trip takes a lot of organization and preparation, if you want to have an amazing time, that is. So it’s crucial that you take the time to plan your trip beforehand, to ensure that you and your family have an amazing time.


To help you plan a fantastic skiing trip to Vail, I thought I would put together some simple tips for you, below:


Get some help with planning


If you have never been skiing in Vail before, it might be a good idea to get some help with planning your trip. Yes, you can do lots of research, but to ensure that you have everything covered, it’s a good idea to get some professional help. This is especially important if you are travelling with children in tow, as you need to make sure that you have every last thing sorted.


You could either get in touch with your local travel agents for some advice on planning your trip to Vail. Or, you could use an online site, such as Getawayplanners.com to plan your perfect vacation. Getawayplanners.com lets you find Vail attractions and plan a vacation in Vail Colorado, without any stress. The website is easy to use and have all the information that you could need.


Pick the perfect accommodation


When it comes to where you will stay, you have a few options to consider. From hotels, like Tivoli Lodge and The Sebastian, to catered villas, there are various options to choose from.


If you are travelling with children or as part of a larger group, booking a catered villa often works out cheaper than booking a hotel. Plus, this gives the kids more room to run about and play, without getting in the way, as they would at a hotel.


Choose how you will travel to Vail


When it comes to how you will get to Vail, you have two options. You can choose to travel by car or by plane – plane tends to be much quicker. However, if you are travelling with kids, you might prefer to travel by car, as it can be less stressful.


If you decide to get a plane, make sure to get the best deals on tickets by shopping around. If you are planning on booking your trip soon, you should get a good price on your tickets, as the earlier you book them, the cheaper they tend to be.


Plan the activities that you want to do


As well as offering skiing, there is a lot more to Vail. Aside from having some amazing ski slopes and facilities, Vail also has lots of amazing activities on offer. It is also home to lots of fantastic restaurants and bars, and an amazing Swiss-style village.


From snowboarding and skiing to on-mountain activities, there are various activities on offer. The traditional-style town at the base of the mountains is full of fantastic shops, restaurants and bars and has lots to see and do.


While Vail has plenty of amazing bars and restaurants, some of the best are the Turtle Bus Bar – a moving bar, Nest, and Grappa. If you fancy a night on the town, these are three places you have to visit.


When it comes to planning a skiing trip to Vail, there is a lot to consider. However, by following these tips, you can make planning your trip much more simple. Just make sure to get some professional help and to take your time when it comes to choosing your accommodation.


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