Quite a few people choose to lease a car instead of buying. For most it is about saving money, while others don’t feel the need to buy a vehicle since they don’t drive much. While there are independent lease companies available to get a car from, its a safer bet to go through a certified dealership for many reasons.

What is the difference?

A conventional dealer represents a finance source with solid capital, which can include the car manufacturer’s financial company, such as BMW Financial Services, Honda Motor Credit or General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) or a famous national bank like Chase Manhattan. Independent car lease companies are not financially connected to one manufacturer financing body. Dealers generally offer more lucrative lease-deals on limited-time promotions. The factory-subsidized models having subvented money factors and residuals are great deals and are tough to beat elsewhere.

About Honda Leasing

Honda Leadership Leasing, through dealerships such as Honda of Tiffany Springs, offers competitive rates. They also give you some options, including flexible terms or multiple mileage allowances. Honda Leadership Leasing protects your investment with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage and an Excess Wear and Use Waiver, allowing you to enjoy driving your Honda without worrying about your lease.

Leasing Tips

Reading the fine print is a must, as it makes sure that you completely understand what you are signing. It is advisable to lease a car with good resale value as the depreciation makes up the largest portion of your lease payment. If these cars retain their value, you can cut back on depreciation money. Never terminate your lease early as it might cost you thousands of dollars in the form of an early termination penalty charged by leasing companies.

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