A brand new shining vehicle is always amazing to look at, but as time passes, the sheen fades, paint quality deteriorates, and the overall appearance becomes shabby. Every car requires touch-ups at one point or another, but you can ensure the polish on your baby lasts for a longer time by using automotive paint finishes. They act as a catalyst and ensure the paint adheres to metal surface of the car properly. Here are some commonly used types:

Base Coat Paints

The base coat is essentially the actual colored paint without containing any strengtheners or hardeners. It doesn’t even have the “glossy” quality. They should always be paired with clear or urethane coats so the car is protected from outside elements. The shine is maintained thanks to the powerful combination of base and clear coats.

Clear Coat Finishes

Clear finishes, also known as clear coat paints are fluids that don’t contain colors or pigments. They have certain chemicals that allow easy adherence to flexible parts such as plastic bumpers. A major advantage of such paints is they are equipped with anti-UV properties so they prevent ultraviolet sun rays from causing damage to the paint structure. As a result, the paint doesn’t fade and remains shining for long. The active component is often urethane or polyurethane for a better polish.


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