Every day I look into the mirror and I really notice that my skin is not as youthful as it once was. I think, oh its just dry and needs some lotion, but even with lotion, the drags and droops are still there. I’ve realized that I have abandoned my skin and now more than ever I need to treat my skin with some tender loving care. Especially since I am hitting forties some time in the near future. Thank goodness for Absolute having some pretty amazing sheet masks for my face.

Absolute does not hinder quality when it comes to create something fresh to put on my face. I am really happy that they offer a good selection, as I am the type who likes to try a variety so I can know which kinds I am happy with most. Well there are two categories I am very fond of!

The Rejuven plant  mask by Absolute is a biodegradable cotton three mask that is saturated with the best type of liquid for my skin. I can not believe how rich and satisfying it is to put the plant mask on. It contains plenty of herbs and natural ingredients. Some of them are fruit extract, some are citrus peel extract, others are glycerin, and the best type, just plain water.

I love using my avocado face mask by Absolute, because it removes the dead skin from my face. Avocado helps unclog pores and exfoliate the skin. Avocado is also known for reducing inflammation, irritation, redness, and dryness. It also gives that soothing moisture that faces need. My priority when I use my avocado mask is to protect from harsh elements of the wind.

My sunflower and skullcap Absolute face mask are another amazing choice for plant masks. Did you know that sunflower improves skin barrier? It really does hold moisture in and it encourages new skin cells to rejuvenate. Even better, sunflower has an antibacterial property that helps against the environment. For the skullcap root extract, it helps me by firming up my skin. I want to look youthful and bring that elasticity my skin once had. Because the skullcap fights those harmful UV rays.

Sometimes, I face some facial itching. I am thinking it is due to environmental stressors like pollen and dander. When that happens, I use Absolute Canna Green repair masks.  There is the hemp plus green tea version and then there is the hemp and cica version. I use the green tea one for the itching and the cica one for my redness due to the irritation.

Overall I am pleasantly impressed with Absolute. The masks feel great and they smell great. I am planning on getting a few for my mom!

Find out more at Repair mask / Plant mask

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