Accessories are not just jewelry although probably most people's minds go to some type of jewelry when they think of accessories.  Accessories are so much more.  From wallets to purses to computer bags and even shoes, accessories are everywhere and they are much needed to help keep you organized and protect your things!


The first accessory I know that I could not do without is a purse.  I have so many things that I keep in my purse.  Everyone that picks it up comments about how heavy it is, how much stuff is in it, etc., and forget about me trying to find something – I have so much stuff in it that it takes me forever to find what I am looking for.  Therefore, I need a nice sized bag that is not too small that can hold everything that I want in my purse.  This is a great purse, it comes in pink and ivory and has a cell phone pocket so at least I know I will never be looking for that and will know where it is! The other thing I love about this purse is that it has a shoulder strap that is detachable so if I do not want it on I can remove it and if I don't feel like carrying it to free up my hands I can put it on and use it over the shoulder.  Check out all the different styles that JuJu's has.

Especially with the warm sunny weather, and even sometimes in the winter when the sun shines off the snow and blinds me, I need a good pair of sunglasses.   Not only do they have to work well to block out the sun so I can see, but they also need to look good.  JuJu's Designer Inspired Sunglasses are so nice looking and they look good on your face.  They come in black, tortoise shell, and burgundy, and the crystals that accent the top of the sunglasses just adds that great touch that makes it look like they are an expensive pair of sunglasses.

Sandals.  You might think that is not an accessory, and I guess technically it is not an accessory, but I think of sandals as accessories to your feet.  It is just one step away from being barefoot after all.  JuJu's Misbehave Sandal is such a cute sandal with gold tone studs and even a toe strap.  So comfy and perfect to just slip on since most places will not allow you in if you are barefoot! This is the next best thing to being barefoot because it has a flat heel and  really cool and comfortable when it is warm.  Great way to accessorize your feet!

These days with everyone having computers and many traveling with them or carrying them with them for one reason or another, you need a good computer bag to keep it in. One that looks good when you are carrying it yet will do its job and protect the computer that is in it of course!  Luca Chiara computer bags have inserts that are removable and machine washable.  The linings are water resistant.  It even has a side pocket for a tablet if you have one of those you want to carry too.  It also looks like leather but it is actually vegan leather and PETA approved.  In fact, this is good for either men or women!

I have pointed out quite a few accessories for women, but men need them too.  One of the most common ones I would think is a wallet.  While the computer bag above can be used by a man or a woman, I wanted to share something specifically for men.  Luca Chiara has wallets that are also made of vegan leather and 100% PETA approved and are water resistant which is a definite plus when you are trying to protect credit cards and cash.  Speaking of the credit cards, their wallets as well as their credit card cases all have RFID identity thief & credit/ATM chip protection so people that are trying to read your credit card through your wallet will not be able to.  Nothing is foolproof I am sure, but every little bit of protection helps.  Anything that makes it more difficult for someone to get my personal information is a plus in my book.

Check out all the accessories and start accessorizing today! It's not just jewelry anymore!

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